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474 83 The Municipal Party Committee Must Focus on Party Conduct and on Establishing Clean Government1 May 5, 1990 This year, the Municipal Party Committee must focus its greatest determination and its main energies on Party conduct and on doing a good job of establishing clean government. Of course we still have to treat the head if the head hurts and treat the foot if the foot hurts.2 If product quality becomes a problem, we have to focus on quality; if the markets are weak, we have to focus on the markets. These are all things we must do, but the most fundamental concern is this: if we don’t focus properly on Party conduct and on establishing clean government, the people just won’t be able to summon any zeal, and they won’t find things to be acceptable. How should we go about this? The Party Committee’s report described six measures that everyone considers practical and feasible but not specific enough. Therefore we must study and revise them to ensure they are more explicit. Problems in Party Conduct In working on Party conduct this year, which aspects should we focus on, and can we highlight some key points? After all, there still aren’t that many cases of bribery and lawbreaking. We’re still quite effective in investigating such cases—our public security agencies, procuratorate, courts, discipline commission , and Bureau of Supervision have done quite effective work, and the people still have confidence in us. They also have confidence in our system of reporting misdeeds, our reviews, investigations, and handling of cases. At present, most of the problems in our Party conduct occur in three areas. 1. This is part of Zhu Rongji’s speech at the closing session of the 10th Plenary Session of the 5th Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. 2. Translator’s note: this is a metaphor for not fundamentally resolving a problem, or only dealing with it superficially or partially. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 474 12/26/17 12:01 PM The Municipal Party Committee Must Focus on Party Conduct 475 1. Using Power for Personal Gain. This includes people who, in spite of not having power themselves, use various relationships to achieve their personal aims. For example, they might use every conceivable means to get better housing and a higher income for themselves, or to make arrangements for their relatives. In the final analysis, this is serious self-serving. Ordinary people have no means of doing such things. This is improper Party conduct and merits our close attention—it’s a factor that could kill us. 2. Unseemly Bureaucratic and Liberal3 Behavior. This can be defined as always trying to be “the nice guy,” never daring to offend anyone, being unable to stick to principles. The current atmosphere at many enterprises and publicly funded units and agencies is deathly and management is chaotic primarily because Party members in leadership positions are unable to run the factory and the Party strictly; they are unable to manage strictly. Even after many serious problems occur, you never hear about any internal self-criticism within their leadership teams. You only learn about these issues after the people expose them 3. Translator’s note: “liberalism” is an incorrect way of thinking that manifests itself primarily in a lack of principles, organization, and discipline, and in an excessive emphasis on individual interests. Speaking at a rally organized by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and municipal government on establishing clean government and correcting inappropriate business behaviors, October 17, 1990. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 475 12/26/17 12:01 PM 476 The Municipal Party Committee Must Focus on Party Conduct and the problems have become very serious in that the leading cadres don’t exercise any mutual supervision. This is also a very serious problem in the present conduct of our Party. 3. Improper Tendencies within Industries and Enterprises. Every industry, unit, and enterprise is capable of using a bit of its power or authority to obtain benefits, perhaps by collecting various excessive fees or imposing mandatory charges that add to the burden of our people. Party members in leadership positions should teach their staff not to do such things. Such improper measures will create discontent among the people and affect our Party’s relations with them—we must take charge of this. The telecommunications bureau, water company, gas company, and public transit company cannot keep allowing their employees to extort money from the people...


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