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351 62 Leading Cadres Must Not Be Detached from the People1 August 7, 1989 Although our economic work in the second half of this year remains very difficult, I feel very certain that the direction set by the Municipal Party Committee and government will be able to solve the problems that our­ economic work is currently encountering. The issue now is how to win the hearts of the people so that the workers and farmers are of one mind with us, which will enable us to do our work well. Solving this problem is much harder than economic work itself, because some of our cadres and Party members are quite detached from the people. They are unable to go through thick and thin with them; instead, they stay above it all, sit in their offices instead of going out, and thus fail to implement many things and pass the buck for long stretches of time. Yesterday’s Xinmin Evening News reported that no streets were sprinkled with water this year. Why? Because of buck-passing. The city’s Bureau of Environmental Protection had sent the water-sprinkling trucks to all the districts, but the districts didn’t want the drivers who used to drive those trucks, so the buck-passing started and went on for half a year—the trucks couldn’t be dispatched . The people criticized us, saying, “You haven’t finished passing the buck yet, so how can you sprinkle the streets?” This episode shows the bureaucratism in our government agencies, their lack of involvement with the people, and their lack of concern for the people’s hardships. I’ve repeatedly said that you can devolve powers and you can undertake some systemic reforms, but this mustn’t affect the work originally being done. That’s why I spoke to [Vice Mayor Ni] Tianzeng yesterday, asking him to tell Shi Zhenguo2 to stop the buck-passing. I don’t care how you do it, but you have to have the sprinkler trucks out there within three days. If they’re not out, you won’t be the bureau head. Shi Zhenguo is himself very hardworking 1. This is part of a speech by Zhu Rongji at the 44th mayor’s administrative meeting of the Shanghai municipal government. 2. Shi Zhenguo was then director of the Shanghai Sanitation Bureau. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 351 12/26/17 12:01 PM 352 Leading Cadres Must Not Be Detached from the People and we shouldn’t criticize him because of this, but this matter reflects problems in the way our city government agencies work. A report about it should be circulated—we can’t do this sort of thing again. Buck-passing has turned everything into a mess. Nothing gets done and the interests of the people are cast aside. This includes our key projects. The other day I learned from a briefing paper on key projects that those working on the central technical upgrade project at the Bureau of Petrochemical Industries are only on the job three hours a day. What’s more, they’re not even working properly during those three hours. Equipment and materials are piled up all over—you call that a key project? If important projects of the city government are like that, it shows that our cadres never go down. If the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government don’t change the way they work, our economic work in the latter half of the year won’t be done well no matter how good our programs, policies, and measures are. Accompanying Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin on an inspection tour of Wujing Village, Tangwan Township, Shanghai County, August 3, 1989. Third on the left, Zhang Yan, chair of the Municipal Agricultural Commission; fourth on the left, Huang Ju, vice mayor and deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee; third from right, Vice Mayor Ni Hongfu. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 352 12/26/17 12:01 PM Leading Cadres Must Not Be Detached from the People 353 Recently, we at the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government responded to the central government’s call. They want to do seven things3 and we also want to do seven things.4 These have already been announced in the newspapers. I hope the Standing Committee members of our Municipal Party Committee and our vice mayors will take the lead, that they will lead by example and do what they say. I also hope...


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