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324 55 The Basic Qualities Socialist Entrepreneurs Must Have1 July 5, 1989 What is a socialist entrepreneur? There are many views on this subject. Last year, I laid out three expectations for city government cadres.2 Today I am laying out three expectations for factory directors and entrepreneurs . These are the basic qualities required of socialist entrepreneurs. 1. Represent Interests of the Working Class Socialist entrepreneurs must steadfastly uphold the four cardinal principles,3 display a spirit of arduous work, be adept at ideological work, and be able to go through thick and thin and get their hands dirty alongside their employees . This is the first condition they must meet. Capitalist management always employs a set of interpersonal relations and uses various techniques and methods to win people over. Our factory directors and managers represent the fundamental interests of the working class, so it is all the more important for them to be one with the workers. Ideological work should be at the forefront of their activities. Political work is the lifeblood of economic work—I haven’t said this nearly enough during the past few years. I feel that many difficulties can be overcome provided we can do this. The basic problem now is detachment from the people—that is why many problems involving staff or the people that could have been solved are not so easily solved now. If we can’t give people a sense of cohesion, how can we work together to tackle difficulties? These past few years, our entrepreneurs have been paying a lot of attention to being stylish. They wear Western suits and leather shoes and spend all their time going abroad, or only networking “horizontally ” with other managers. Of course this may be required for their work, 1. These are some of the remarks by Zhu Rongji at the annual meeting of the Shanghai Management Association and the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association. 2. See chapter 19, “Three Expectations of All City Officials at the Bureau Level and Above.” 3. Continuing to uphold the socialist road, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 324 12/26/17 12:01 PM The Basic Qualities Socialist Entrepreneurs Must Have 325 but their energies should mainly be devoted to the internal management of their factories. They should get a bit oil-stained and learn to be one of the workers . If they explain difficulties clearly to everyone and win their understanding, the workers will join their efforts with ours and unite to do real and substantive work. If you don’t display a spirit of working arduously yourself, if you’re enjoying special privileges and spending all your time thinking about how to decorate your apartment or how to get a newer model car, you can’t even think of becoming one with the workers, so how can you learn from them and find ways to solve problems? 2. Be Well-Versed in the Science of Management Socialist entrepreneurs must be familiar with scientific management methods , be adept at exploiting the internal potential of enterprises, and be able to obtain maximum benefits from minimal amounts of both materialized and living labor. That is to say, they must obtain benefits through management. They should be familiar with how management science emerged and developed globally, which includes an understanding of ancient Chinese management methods such as those outlined in Sun Zi’s Art of War. Of course we mainly want to master modern management methods, from Taylor’s4 scientific management all the way to behavioral science. We should have an appropriate familiarity with many different management methods and integrate these with actual circumstances to form our own socialist methods of scientific management with Chinese characteristics, and use them to run our enterprises well and mobilize all their positive internal factors. That’s the only way to obtain the greatest output from the smallest input. Unfortunately, our factory directors usually have very little time and don’t study the subject nearly enough. There are many things they don’t know—some don’t even know the ABCs of management science—and we can’t go on like this. If factory directors and managers are to become socialist entrepreneurs, they must work hard to study management and strengthen enterprise management , particularly quality management. The quality of Shanghai products at the moment is uneven—it might be a bit better today, then it might be...


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