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269 47 Speech at a Shanghai Conference on Oversight Work February 20, 1989 The city government must continue to focus on the integrity and efficiency of government agencies, as this is a major issue that affects the big picture. The people are very concerned about clean and efficient government. Whether or not work in Shanghai is done well will depend on whether or not our cadres are capable, and in judging whether or not our cadres are capable, the people will look to see if they are upright and efficient. Therefore we need to have an accurate assessment of the state of integrity among our cadres. Assessing the Integrity of Our Cadres The vast majority of our cadres are clean, law-abiding, conscientious, and down to earth in their work—that is the mainstream, particularly after the city government issued its eight rules for improving government behavior1 last year. It concentrated on 506 officials at the bureau level and above, focusing intensely on integrity, and the situation improved—this is the positive side. However, some among the ranks of our cadres are not so clean, are not responsible in 1. This refers to “Rules of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Regarding Stringent Frugality among Leading Government Agency Cadres Who Are Bureau Directors and Above.” They consisted of the following guidelines. (1) Simple standards are to be observed at dinners essential to ceremonial activities; all dinners are to consist of “four dishes and a soup,” and the number of invitees is to be strictly limited. (2) If it is necessary to have meals at the grassroots when inspecting or conducting research there, all cadres are to pay for their own meals, which may not exceed one dish and one soup, and which must be paid for at standard rates. (3) “Four dishes and a soup” should also be observed at ordinary dinners for foreign guests. (4) When attending ceremonial activities and conferences, cadres may not accept gifts; no exceptions may be made for activities marking the start of operations, grand openings, or commemorations at foreign-invested enterprises. (5) Samples and gifts may not be accepted under the pretext of testing or certification. (6) When convening meetings, agencies of the city government may not, under any pretext, give attendees gifts (including briefcases and ballpoint pens) or gift coupons. (7) Gifts that are difficult to refuse must, after acceptance, be turned over to the recipient’s work unit for unified handling. (8) Gift-giving at activities involving foreigners should be handled in accordance with the rules for such activities. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 269 12/26/17 12:00 PM 270 Speech at a Shanghai Conference on Oversight Work their work, only act like officials but don’t do things for the people—these sorts of things must not be overlooked. Signs of corruption and bribe-taking have also appeared among some section and bureau-level cadres, and their acceptance of bribes of tens of thousands of yuan is not unheard of. The situation among rural cadres is of particular concern. Township and village enterprises (TVEs) are currently developing very rapidly . Because we are becoming an externally oriented economy, contacts with the outside are increasing. If cadres do not measure up, they will be easily corrupted . There are quite a few cases of cadres infringing on the people’s interests , which is indicative of such a tendency. I have received a considerable number of letters complaining about rural cadres, some of whom reportedly use the people’s labor and the state’s materials to build houses for themselves, while some buy things without paying and treat TVEs as their own slush funds. Such activities are now quite common. Some cadres think it doesn’t matter, that they can hold their hands out to the people and to TVEs, that they can take money from Hong Kong and Macau businessmen to build houses for themselves or for their own enjoyment. Why is the haphazard building of houses, wining and dining and gambling so serious in rural areas? Some of our county cadres are taking the lead and setting very bad examples. That’s why it won’t do if we don’t take action against some cadres, put a halt to this tendency, and clarify concepts of right and wrong. Party members and leading cadres cannot do this sort of thing. We are servants of the people, we should clearly separate what is public and what is private , we should be...


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