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248 42 The Key Issues and Key Tasks to Focus on in 19891 January 4, 1989 The city government’s research office will, I hope, give us more feedback on the people’s opinions, their expectations, and their hardships. We must pay close attention to their sentiments, take their pulse, and be ever ready to cope with all types of situations. With the guidelines, policies, and principles for this year’s work already decided, what we need to think about now is how to focus on them. We also have to think beyond this year’s plans—plans must also be made for the city government’s five-year term, and this makes me wonder if I can be a bit more detached. If I go on as I did last year, personally seeing many things through to the end, some major matters might be delayed. Therefore the day-to-day work of the city government will be handled by Huang Ju, and I’ll do my best to help him with some issues. I’m asking Huang Ju to deal with reports submitted to the city government by lower levels, and the general office will also send me copies. I’ll have another look after Huang Ju deals with them. Actually, it’s not necessary to send me all of the city government’s reports. Too many documents are being sent to me daily: for some matters, it’s enough just to notify me. Some matters don’t need to be handled by me, yet they await my comments, which actually just delays everything. Henceforth, reports to the city government will be handled by Huang Ju and the other vice mayors, and I will only need to be informed of the results. The general office’s Compilation of Directives from Municipal Government Leaders has already played a very positive role in this regard, and I will urge further checks. I can issue warnings ahead of time for some issues such as the joint operations of the entire ball-bearing industry, which were under way at lower levels for some time before being reported to the city government. However , attention has not been paid to some critical questions such as asset valuations , rights to sell products, and rights to supply materials, so I convened 1. These are the main points of a speech made by Zhu Rongji at a meeting of the Party branch of the Municipal Research Office. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 248 12/26/17 12:00 PM The Key Issues and Key Tasks to Focus on in 1989 249 a small meeting of directors of the bureau-level departments concerned to remind them. The general office’s handling of documents needs improvement. Some documents submitted to the city government don’t get a response for a month or two. Because these matters must first be mediated at lower levels, it’s already very late by the time the reports reach the vice mayors. By way of improvement, from now on whenever reports are submitted to the city government, the rule will be that the department in charge must first coordinate matters and include in the report what various agencies will and will not agree to, which problems have yet to be resolved, and what the reasons are for disagreement. This way we can overcome a dependent mentality at lower levels. They should coordinate on their own and not just push everything onto the city government. Henceforth when a report is received, the vice mayor in charge should first state his view in principle. Then a deputy secretary-general should coordinate, and finally the executive vice mayor should sign off. Questions should not be decided by a single vice mayor alone because matters that require coordination by the city government often touch on several areas. If a vice mayor in charge of one area makes the decision by himself, the work may become disconnected from work in other areas, resulting in some negative consequences. We still have to meet and greet: when leaders from departments of the central government and from other provinces and municipalities come to Shanghai , I still have to meet with them. However, there should be as few banquets as possible. I’d like the general office to institute a system and come up with some ideas. To attract more foreign investment, I can meet with more foreign guests. After I set some time aside, I hope you will think about what I...


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