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166 28 Remarks at Three Study Meetings of the Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee1 August 6, 1988; December 20, 1989; August 24, 1990 1. August 6, 1988 Since coming to Shanghai, I’ve had a constant sense of uncertainty, with many things floating across my mind, especially in view of the many strands of work and the great pressures here. Even so, my heart is happy because Jiang Zemin and the members of the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Committee have expressed full confidence in my work and have given me their full support since my arrival. In addition, retired colleagues have been very caring, which also warms my heart. Although the work wracks my brain and I sometimes think that I can’t go on, whenever I remember everyone’s continued support and understanding of my shortcomings, I feel the strength to carry on. Although I recognized from the beginning that this job in Shanghai is complicated , and that I was sure to collapse if I didn’t handle it well, I still have the confidence to do my work. So far, at least, I feel it’s still possible for my work to be done well, despite the many shortcomings revealed in my first six months of work. Although I’m often mindful of them, I still feel I haven’t corrected them sufficiently, and there are still flaws in my thinking. First of all, I don’t rely enough on the [Party] organization and on the people to resolve problems. In particular, I haven’t done enough in terms of respecting the collective leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, asking for guidance more frequently, consulting more often, doing more research, and having more heart-to-heart talks. I recognize that the city government mustn’t unilaterally make important decisions—some serious policy issues should be jointly examined and monitored with the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. On issues like wages and prices and fairly major policy decisions regarding some large projects, Huang Ju and I have taken care to present these 1. These are Zhu Rongji’s main remarks at three study meetings of the members of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 166 12/26/17 12:00 PM Remarks at Three Study Meetings 167 to the Standing Committee for discussion, and they have indeed been very helpful to us, so that we avoided making many more mistakes. However, my thinking did sometimes become a bit lax. Because I was impatient about some matters, I would just decide on an approach after thinking about whether it would work. I truly haven’t done enough in this area and have therefore paid more attention to it recently. Henceforth, I will rely more on the collective leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, consult more often, and communicate more frequently. Second, I haven’t encouraged democracy sufficiently within the city government ’s leadership team. I haven’t consulted enough with the vice mayors, the secretary-general, and the deputy secretaries-general, to listen more to their views and to encourage them to express different opinions. Although I hope to hear different views, whenever someone voices a view, I often refute it, causing everyone to be afraid to express different opinions in the future. In other words, I’m a bit too sure of myself—this is something I must pay more attention to, because the tasks in Shanghai are so complex that just relying on my own ability, energy, and work won’t be nearly enough to handle them. That’s why the mayor and vice mayors will meet next week to say what’s on their minds, to mutually offer suggestions, and to speak out freely. Third, I’m a bit brusque with my subordinates and always impatient with them. This is obviously due to anxiety over my work, but in fact everyone else feels just as anxious. I should add that the vast majority of our colleagues in the various bureau-level departments are working diligently and taking the directives of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government very seriously. They know that I have a bad temper and are a bit afraid when they see me. It’s really quite insensitive of me to criticize and mock people when they are working hard overtime. This is something I definitely need to address—it’s related to a long-standing...


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