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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book examines taxes and wages, state-owned and private businesses, crises past and present. Debt, however, is where the project began—debts personal rather than financial. The ideas behind this book germinated over the course of two years in Moscow, where I was fortunate to teach at the New Economic School and to learn from students’ curiosity and appetite for debate. I wrote this book with the support of fellowships from the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Kennan Institute, the German Marshall Fund, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. I am grateful to Matt Rojansky , Steve Szabo, and Al Song for their support. Alan Luxenberg and the entire team at the Foreign Policy Research Institute provided an intellectually stimulating home in Philadelphia. Finally, my colleagues and students at Yale’sBrady-JohnsonPrograminGrandStrategyandatInternationalSecurity Studies provided an excellent atmosphere for reading, thinking, and writing —including tolerating my frequent absences while on research trips from Moscow to Vladivostok. Several friends and colleagues served as unofficial sounding boards for many of the ideas presented here, though they may not agree with my conclusions . I presented portions of this research to audiences at the Kennan Institute and at the Osrodek Studiow Wschodnich and received much useful feedback. I am grateful in particular to Andrew Matheny and Yuval Weber for many insightful conversations on politics and economics in Moscow and abroad. Alex Nice and Laura Mills were generous enough to read and commentontheentiremanuscript .Inresearchingthisbook,Ihavebeenexpertly assisted by Nikolai Avhimovich, Maria Gelrud, Lia Liamaiug, and Danila Smirnov. My greatest debt, of course, is to Liya. This page intentionally left blank ...


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