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ix Publication Note The Chinese edition of Zhu Rongji on the Record: The Shanghai Years was jointly published in August 2013 by the People’s Publishing House and the Shanghai People’s Publishing House. The book covers the period from December 1987 to April 1991, when Zhu served as Shanghai’s deputy Party secretary, mayor, and then concurrently as Party secretary. It includes 106 of his speeches, conversations, directives, and letters, along with 83 photographs and reproductions of 9 directives and letters, the great majority of which were hitherto unpublished. In his “Speech at the First Plenary Session of the Ninth Shanghai People’s Congress” (chapter 8), Zhu revealed some of his personal tribulations for the first time. The contents of this book were edited from audiovisual materials, transcripts , and manuscripts, most of which are being published in English for the first time. Some brief annotations have been added by the editors and translator , and most captions and subheadings were added by the editors. Because transcripts were unavailable in the original languages, remarks by foreign guests in conversations with the author have been translated from the Chinese edition. All chapters were personally reviewed by Zhu Rongji. Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 9 12/26/17 12:00 PM Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 10 12/26/17 12:00 PM ...


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