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Contents Publication Note ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 1987 1 Indigenizing Production of the Santana 8 1988 2 Make the Supply of Non-Staple Foods for Shanghai’s Residents a Breakthrough Point in Our Work 20 3 Utilizing Foreign Investment and Developing Foreign Trade 23 4 Changes in Thinking Can Bring Great Hope to Shanghai 26 5 Invigorate Shanghai’s Finances, Support Economic Revitalization 28 6 Speed Up Indigenous Production of Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuits 31 7 Unite and Strive Together to Do Good Economic Work 33 8 Speech at the First Plenary Session of the Ninth Shanghai People’s Congress 44 9 Do a Good Job of Supplying Non-Staple Foods in the Spirit of Reform and Truth-Seeking 66 10 Foreign Trade: The Vanguard for Shanghai’s Development of an Externally Oriented Economy 70 11 The Shanghai Municipal Government Must Be Prepared to Fight Hard for Revitalization 77 12 Play to Our Strengths in Science and Technology, and Fight the Good Fight for Key Industrial Projects 81 13 Some Principles for Establishing the Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission 87 Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 3 12/26/17 12:00 PM iv Contents 14 A Few Comments on the Devolution of Powers 92 15 Press Conference Announcing the Establishment of the Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission 95 16 A Conversation with American Author Harrison Salisbury 101 17 The Research Office of the City Government Should Become the Mayor’s Brain Trust 107 18 A Speech at Fudan University 111 19 Three Expectations of All City Officials at the Bureau Level and Above 125 20 An Interview with Kevin Sinclair of The Standard (Hong Kong) 132 21 Let Enterprises Swim by Themselves in the Markets 137 22 A Conversation with Siegfried Lengl, Secretary of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development 140 23 Develop High-Quality Services and Improve the Investment Environment 147 24 Some Specific Thoughts Regarding the Development of Pudong 151 25 Invigorate Large and Medium State-Owned Enterprises 156 26 The Problems of Dirt and Disorder in Shanghai 162 27 Work Assigned by Leaders Should Be Carried Out Thoroughly 164 28 Remarks at Three Study Meetings of the Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee 166 29 We Must Use Foreign Investments Boldly 174 30 Promote the Tight Integration of Sci-Tech with Production 178 31 Bonuses Should Reward the Diligent and Penalize the Lazy 186 32 What Matters in a Legal System Is Its Effectiveness 188 33 Always Remember That We Are Servants of the People 190 34 Letters and Petitions Are an Important Way to Keep in Touch with the People 192 35 We Are Resolved to Rectify the Taxi Industry 199 36 A Conversation with C. Y. Leung, Director of Jones Lang Wooten (Hong Kong) 204 37 A Joint Interview with Japanese Correspondents Based in Shanghai 212 38 A Conversation with the World Bank’s Shahid Javed Burki and Delegation 220 39 A Conversation with German Expert Werner Gerich 228 Zhu_Shanghai Years_1987-1991_hc_9780815731399_i-xii_1-620.indd 4 12/26/17 12:00 PM Contents v 40 Quality Is Shanghai’s Lifeblood 236 41 A Few Comments about Economic Hot Spots 240 1989 42 The Key Issues and Key Tasks to Focus on in 1989 248 43 Eliminate Slush Funds 255 44 A Letter to the Shanghai Educators Union 257 45 Further Promote Stable Growth of the Rural Economy 259 46 How to Stabilize the Markets 266 47 Speech at a Shanghai Conference on Oversight Work 269 48 Shanghai’s Industrial Restructuring Must Blaze New Paths 278 49 We Must Be Determined to Fix the City’s Street Traffic 284 50 Launch the “Two Increases and Two Decreases” Campaign and Stabilize Shanghai’s Economy 291 51 Keep Shanghai Stable, Keep the Overall Situation Stable 297 52 Get Organized and Maintain Shanghai’s Stability 300 53 Shanghai Must Not Descend into Chaos 311 54 Further Consolidate Shanghai’s Stability 317 55 The Basic Qualities Socialist Entrepreneurs Must Have 324 56 To Stabilize the Economy, It’s Essential to Stabilize Prices 328 57 Cleaning Up Companies Is an Important Measure for Punishing Corruption 332 58 Several Issues Regarding Attracting Foreign Investment 335 59 A Directive on Quality Management 338 60 Concentrate Our Efforts on Winning the Trust of the People through Several Measures 340 61 We Must Be Determined to Treat the Upstream Pollution of the Huangpu River 344 62 Leading Cadres Must Not Be Detached from the People 351 63 Technical...


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