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Acknowl­edgments This book was the product of not only my imagination, research, and writing but also the encouragement and help of many ­ others. This proj­ ect started just as I was leaving Rutgers University in 2013 to join the faculty in the Department of International Development at King’s College London. I also thank my colleagues in the Department of International Development for providing me with excellent feedback during earlier presentations of this project. Throughout the final stages of this proj­ ect, my research assistant, Josh Lomax at King’s­ College London, provided invaluable editorial assistance. At other universities and institutions, colleagues Matthew McCaffrey, David McBride, Joe Harris, Benjamin Mason Meier, Lawrence Saez, Leslie Vinjamuri, Yanzhong Huang, and Stephan Haggard also provided wonderful comments and suggestions. At Johns Hopkins University Press, I would like to thank my editor, Robin Coleman, for providing me with the opportunity to share my ideas and research , while being patient and encouraging throughout the writing pro­ cess. And fi­ nally, outside of academia, I wish to thank my dear friends at the Roger Gracie Brazilian Jiu-­ Jitsu acad­ emy in London for reaffirming the values of discipline and perseverance and staying cool ­ under pressure, while providing daily respite from work. And fi­ nally, I am eternally grateful to my dearest­ father, Guillermo Leon Gómez, the best man that I know, for providing much encouragement and support throughout this proj­ ect. This page intentionally left blank Geopolitics in Health This page intentionally left blank ...


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