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Abbreviations ABC Agencia Brasiliera de Cooperaçãoê (Brazil) ANC African National Congress ARV antiretroviral ASBRAN Brazilian Association of Nutrition ATICC AIDS Training, Information, and Counseling Center (South Africa) BJP Bharatiya Janata Party (India) BMI body mass index BRICS Brazil, Rus­ sia, India, China, and South Africa CAMS Commission for Articulation with Social Movements (Brazil) CARES Comprehensive AIDS Response (China) CCDC Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US) CELAFISCS Centro de Estudos do Laboratório de Aptidão Física de São Caetano do Sul (Brazil) CONBRAN Congresso Brasileiro de Nutrição CONSEA National Council on Food and Nutrition Security (Brazil) DCNT Plano de Ações Estratégicas para o Enfrentamento das Doenças Crônicas não transmissíveis (Brazil) DFID Department for International Development (UK) DGSP Diretoria Geral de Saúde Pública (Brazil) DOH Department of Health (South Africa) DOTS directly observed treatment, short course FAO Food and Agricultural Organ­ ization of the United Nations FHP ­ Family Health Program (Brazil) x  Abbreviations GONGO Government-­Organized Non-­Governmental Organ­ization (China) GUIA Guide for Useful Interventions for Activity in Brazil and Latin Amer­i­ca HAST HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Initiative (South Africa) HKASO Hong Kong Association for the Study of Obesity ICTS International Centre for Technical Cooperation for HIV/AIDS Initiatives (Brazil) IDEC Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor IDU intravenous/injecting drug user IIAA Institute of Inter-­ American Affairs IMF International Monetary Fund MACs Municipal AIDS Commissions (Brazil) MDR-­TB multi-­drug resistant tuberculosis MEA Ministry of External Affairs (India) MESP Ministério de Educação e Saúde Pública (Brazil) MHFW Ministry of Health and ­ Family Welfare (India) MOH ministry of health MSM men who have sex with men NACO National AIDS Control Organ­ ization (India) NACOSA National AIDS Convention of South Africa NACP National AIDS Control Plan (India) NAP national AIDS program NASF Núcleo de Apoio á Saúde da Família (Brazil) NGO nongovernmental organ­ization NHFPC National Health and ­ Family Planning Commission (China) NPCDCS National Program for Prevention and Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Stroke (India) NSP National Strategic Plan (South Africa) NTBP National TB Program (South Africa) PACs Provincial AIDS Commissions (South Africa) PAHO Pan American Health Organ­ ization PMTCT prevention of mother-­ to-­ child transmission PNAN Política Nacional de Alimentação (Brazil) PSE Programa Saúde nas Escolas (Brazil) RHF Rus­ sia Healthcare Foundation Abbreviations  xi RMNCH Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Co­ali­tion (India) SACSs State AIDS Prevention and Control Socie­ ties (India) SANAC South African National AIDS Council SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome SCAWCO State Council AIDS Working Committee Office (China) STD/STI sexually transmitted disease/sexually transmitted infection SUS Sistema Único de Saúde (Brazil) TAC Treatment Action Campaign (South Africa) TB tuberculosis TSPSA Tuberculosis Strategic Plan for South Africa UN United Nations UNAIDS United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS UNDP United Nations Development Programme USAID United States Agency for International Development VIGISUS Health and Disease Surveillance System (Brazil) WHO World Health Organ­ ization WTO World Trade Organ­ ization XDR-­TB extensively drug-­resistant TB This page intentionally left blank ...


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