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PERMISSIONS John Cote: Illustrations. Pages 27, 69, 74, 117, 140, 157. Used by permission of artist. “Domino’s Pizza Japan on the Moon”. Reproduced by permission of Scott Oelkers, CEO of Domino’s Pizza Japan. Page 76 Still from I Love Lucy, “Lucy Does a Television Commercial ”. CBS Photo Archive. Reproduced by permission of Getty Images. Page 79. The design of the Maschinenmensch, the Robot, from the silent movie Metropolis, 1927. Created by Walter Schulze -Mittendorff. Reproduced by permission of Bertina Schulze-Mittendorff. Page 87. “Oskar Kokoschka’s Alma doll as Venus, 1919”. Reproduced by permission of Getty Images Hulton Archive. Private Collection. Artist: Moos, Henriette (1890-1941). Page 90. ...