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Acknowledgments I first thank those who sacrificed so I could write—my wife Lisa, daughters Emma and Melissa, and parents Fred and Brenda. IalsothankthosewhoimprovedwhatIwrote.Duringmyjournalismcareer, mywritingandreportingbenefitedfromworkingalongsidenumerouseditors, reporters, and photographers. I particularly owe gratitude to Kevin Ellis, Earl McDaniel, Mark Di Vincenzo, and Dave Hendrickson. When I transitioned to higher education, conversations with professors and students at the College of William and Mary deepened my understanding of the process of historical inquiry. Kimberley Phillips and Scott Reynolds Nelson helped me develop this book’scorehistoricalarguments,whileJamesLaFleurandEarnestL.PerryJr., oftheUniversityofMissouri,alsoofferedvaluablesuggestions.TheAmerican Journalism Historians Association reinforced my commitment to this project in 2012 when it recognized the significance of my research. The manuscript improved as I weighed the questions and comments made by panelists and attendees at conferences organized by the American Journalism Historians Association, African American Intellectual History Society, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, and School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. Cindy Hahamovitch , a mentor in the fullest sense, and Jane Rhodes offered crucial insights as I pitchedmyproposaltopublishers.TheUniversityofIllinoisPresssawpromise in the manuscript and improved it during the production process. The press’s viii • Acknowledgments readers,includingPatrickWashburnandareviewerwhoremainedanonymous, provided sound criticisms and suggestions. And I thank those who assisted my research. The John Hope Franklin ResearchCenterforAfricanandAfricanAmericanHistoryandCultureatDuke Universityawardedageneroustravelgrantthatallowedmetoaccessitsrelevant archives.ThearchivistswiththeMoorland-­SpingarnResearchCenteratHoward University and Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection at the Chicago Public Library graciously supported my research over several visits. I also received assistance from librarians with Swem Library at the College of William and Mary; Harvey Library at Hampton University; Tamiment Library at New York University;SchomburgCenterforResearchinBlackCultureatNewYorkPublic Library;RareBookandManuscriptLibraryatColumbiaUniversity;University Archives and Records Center at the University of Louisville; Oberlin College Archives; and Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Race News ...


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