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695 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY Given the tendentiousness and inaccuracy of much of the secondary literature concerning Ulysses S. Grant and his presidency, reevaluation of his years in the White House requires resort to the relevant primary sources. Fortunately, they are abundant. The starting point is the thirty-two-volume collection 7KH3DSHUV RI8O\VVHV6*UDQW, produced under the editorial hand of the late John Y. Simon. Volumes 19 through 31 cover the presidential and postpresidential years and FRQWDLQ QHDUO\ HYHU\WKLQJ RI KLVWRULFDO VLJQLÀFDQFH WKDW *UDQW ZURWH 6XSHUE editorial annotations expand on the Grant documents and include lengthy passages from letters to and about him, as well as other material such as diaries, news reports, and government documents. Beyond the published papers, the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library under the direction of John F. Marszalek houses a massive treasure trove of material, including photocopies of papers from numerous repositories throughout the country. The Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress holds the largest body of original Grant papers. Most RIWKDWFROOHFWLRQLVDYDLODEOHRQPLFURÀOP Equally indispensable is the collection of Hamilton Fish’s papers at the Library of Congress. In addition to Fish’s voluminous correspondence, the collection includes the secretary’s diary during his eight-year tenure. Although one wishes Fish had registered a fuller appraisal, his journal nonetheless presents an invaluable record of cabinet meetings, interactions with the president, converVDWLRQV ZLWKGLSORPDWVDQGRWKHUR΀FLDOVDQGWKHXQIROGLQJRIHYHQWVGXULQJ the administration. Other useful collections in the Manuscript Division include the papers of Nathaniel P. Banks, Thomas F. Bayard, James G. Blaine, the Blair Family, George S. Boutwell, Benjamin H. Bristow, Benjamin F. Butler, Sylvanus 696 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY Cadwallader, Simon Cameron, William E. Chandler, Zachariah Chandler, Salmon P. Chase, John A. J. Creswell, Cyrus B. Comstock, Caleb Cushing, J. C. %'DYLV+HQU\/'DZHV-RKQ+'RXJODV-DPHV$*DUÀHOG+RUDFH*UHHOH\ Walter Q. Gresham, John Marshall Harlan, Andrew Johnson, the Keim Family, John A. Logan, Manton Marble, Benjamin Moran, Justin S. Morrill, Whitelaw Reid, Jacob William Schuckers, Carl Schurz, Philip H. Sheridan, John Sherman, William T. Sherman, Edwin M. Stanton, Lyman Trumbull, Benjamin F. Wade, Elihu B. Washburne, Gideon Welles, David Ames Wells, James Harrison WilVRQ DQG-RKQ5XVVHOO:DVKLQJWRQ'&@%XUHDXRI1DWLRQDO /LWHUDWXUHDQG$UW 7KLVFRPSLODWLRQRIWKHR΀FLDOPHVVDJHVVKRXOG be supplemented by drafts appearing in 7KH3DSHUVRI8O\VVHV6*UDQW. Annual UHSRUWVRIFDELQHWPHPEHUVDQGRWKHUDGPLQLVWUDWLRQR΀FHUVDVZHOODVRWKHU executive publications, are printed in the Congressional Serial Set. Congressional debate and action can be followed in the &RQJUHVVLRQDO*OREH, the &RQJUHVVLRQDO 5HFRUG, the -RXUQDO of each house, the -RXUQDORIWKH([HFXWLYH3URFHHGLQJV RIWKH6HQDWHRIWKH8QLWHG6WDWHV, and 6WDWXWHVDW/DUJH. Each house published its 698 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY own documents and reports as well as executive and miscellaneous documents. Special reports of investigations often included testimony. One must exercise care when examining the sometimes unreliable newspapers from this period. I consulted numerous publications but relied most heavily on the 1HZ


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