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587 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ CODA: RENDERING “7+(35(6,'(1&<2) 8/<66(66*5$17” Grant’s death elicited one of the greatest outpourings of grief in the nation ’s history. More than one and a half million people lined the streets of New York to witness the former president’s funeral procession. Nonetheless, the aspersions that enemies had cast upon him during his time in the White House and the postpresidential years subsided only momentarily, if at all. Old political allies gave eulogies full of praise for their fallen chief, but in their discussion of the presidency, even those eulogies had an air of apologia. Hamilton Fish saluted Grant’s magnaQLPLW \ÀUPQHVVDQGWUXWKIXOQHVVDQGVDLGWKDWGHVSLWHKDYLQJOLWWOHH[SHULHQFH LQSXEOLFDͿDLUVKHVRRQ´PDGHKLPVHOIWKRURXJKO\IDPLOLDUµ with them and “applied himself to the great problems of government.” But, Fish added, although Grant’s knowledge of men was “generally accurate ,” he “was apt, in this respect, as in others, to reach his conclusions UDSLGO\DQGZDVWKXVQRWLQIUHTXHQWO\OHGWRJLYHKLVFRQÀGHQFHZKHUH it was not deserved.” During his presidency, said Henry Dawes, Grant showed “calm judgment, clear perception, a comprehensive knowledge RIWKHIRUFHVZKLFKLQÁXHQFHPHQDQGQDWLRQVDQGDQXQÁLQFKLQJÀUPness in the maintenance of the right.” Yet, said Dawes, “mistakes there were.” “No one is called upon at this time to defend them,” although´LQWKHÀQDOHVWLPDWHRIKLVDGPLQLVWUDWLRQWKHVHPLVWDNHVZLOOEH GHHPHGWULÁHVDQGZLOOQRWZHLJKLQWKHLPSDUWLDOMXGJPHQWRIKLVWRU\µ1 But Grant’s longtime antagonists insisted that the mistakes were 588 CODA QRWWULÁHVEXWWKHGHÀQLQJHOHPHQWRIKLVSUHVLGHQF\7KHGD\DIWHUKLV death the 1HZ


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