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ix FOREWORD The aim of the American Presidency Series is to present historians and the general reading public with interesting, scholarly assessments of the various presidential administrations. These interpretive surveys are intended to cover the broad ground among biographies, specialized monographs, and journalistic accounts. As such, each is a comprehensive work that draws upon original sources and pertinent secondary literature yet leaves room for the author’s own analysis and interpretation. Volumes in the series present the data essential to understanding the administration under consideration. Particularly, each book treats the then-current problems facing the United States and its people and how the president and his associates felt about, thought about, and worked to cope with these problems. Attention is given to how the of- ÀFHGHYHORSHGDQGRSHUDWHGGXULQJWKHSUHVLGHQW·VWHQXUH(TXDOO\LPportant is consideration of the vital relationships among the president, KLVVWDͿWKHH[HFXWLYHR΀FHUV&RQJUHVVIRUHLJQUHSUHVHQWDWLYHVWKH MXGLFLDU\VWDWHR΀FLDOVWKHSXEOLFSROLWLFDOSDUWLHVWKHSUHVVDQGLQÁXential private citizens. The series is also concerned with how this unique American institution—the presidency—was viewed by the presidents, and with what results. All this is set, insofar as possible, in the context not only of contemporary politics but also of economics, international relations, law, morals , public administration, religion, and thought. Such a broad approach x FOREWORD is necessary to understanding, for a presidential administration is more WKDQWKHHOHFWHGDQGDSSRLQWHGR΀FHUVFRPSRVLQJLWVLQFHLWVZRUNVR RIWHQUHÁHFWVWKHPDMRUSUREOHPVDQ[LHWLHVDQGJORULHVRIWKHQDWLRQ,Q short, the authors in this series strive to recount and evaluate the record of each administration and to identify its distinctiveness and relationships to the past, its own time, and the future. 7KH*HQHUDO(GLWRUV ...


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