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289 Biographical Register This register is intended to help readers of The Complete Letters of Henry James keep track of the many people HJ mentioned in his letters more than once or received a letter from HJ. It lists family members and friends and public, literary, and artistic figures of James’s era whom the editors consider now to be relatively obscure. Wellknown people whom HJ mentioned—for instance, Hawthorne, Thackeray, and Tennyson—are omitted, as are canonical authors of HJ’s past, such as Shakespeare and Moliere. Well-known contemporary authors and artists, such as Ivan Turgenev and Matthew Arnold, do appear in this register when the editors have decided that they were significant to HJ’s life or work. Excluded from this register are the names of people HJ mentioned whom we have been unable to identify. ADAMS, HENRY (1838–1918), American author, historian, man of letters, and simultaneously Harvard professor and editor of the North American Review (1870–77). HJ first met him in 1870 and was a friend of Adams’s wife, Marian “Clover” Hooper. Adams wrote letters of introduction for HJ to Lord Houghton and other Londoners upon HJ’s 1876–77 relocation to England. Adams and HJ remained friends until HJ’s death. ADAMS, MARIAN “CLOVER” HOOPER (1843–85), photographer, art collector, conversationalist, and wife of Henry Adams, whom she married in 1872. She is thought to be HJ’s model for Mrs. Bonnycastle in the short story “Pandora.” She committed suicide on 6 December 1885. ALDRICH, MARY ELIZABETH “LILIAN” WOODMAN (c. 1841– 1927), married Thomas Bailey Aldrich on 28 November 1865. ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY (1836–1907), New Hampshire–born and Boston-based novelist, poet, editor, and frequent Atlantic Monthly 290 Biographical Register contributor. As editor of the Atlantic Monthly from 1881 to 1890, Aldrich published some of HJ’s work. ALGER, ABIGAIL “ABBY” LANGDON (1850–1917), writer and translator . Among her best-known works is In Indian Tents: Stories Told by Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Micmac Indians. BAYARD, THOMAS F. (1828–98), American politician and diplomat who, at this time, was serving the last of his three terms as a US senator from Delaware. He later held office as President Grover Cleveland ’s secretary of state and spent five years as the US ambassador to the United Kingdom. BLAINE, JAMES G. (1830–93), secretary of state under President James A. Garfield. Blaine served from March through December 1881. BLOEDE, GERTRUDE (1845–1905), German-born US poet who wrote under the pseudonym of Stuart Sterne and published five collections of poetry. BOIT, MARY LOUISA, wife of painter Edward Darley Boit (1840– 1915). HJ knew the Boits in Italy and at Étretat and often asked about Mary Louisa Boit in his letters to Elizabeth Boott. BOOTT, ELIZABETH “LIZZIE” (1846–88), American painter and a friend of the Jameses. Boott married Frank Duveneck, one of her art teachers and an important painter in his own right, in March 1886. HJ supported her career as an artist and often visited her father and her, especially at their Florence home in Bellosguardo. She is thought to have been a model for Pansy Osmond in The Portrait of a Lady. BOOTT, FRANCIS “FRANK” (1813–1904), amateurcomposerand musician , friend of the Jameses, father of Lizzie Boott. BROOKFIELD, CHARLES HALLAM ELTON (1857–1913), English actor and, later in life, playwright. Brookfield was the son of Jane Octavia Brookfield. BRYCE, JAMES, VISCOUNT BRYCE (1838–1922), British legal historian who later served as chief secretary for Ireland (1905–6) and was made 1st Viscount in 1913. Bryce led an active social life in HJ’s Lon- 291 Biographical Register don literary circle and was a founding member of London’s Century Club. His 1864 publication The Holy Roman Empire was a popular work and significant contribution to contemporary British historical studies. CHILD, ELIZABETH ELLERY SEDGWICK (1824–98), daughter of Robert Sedgwick (1787–1841) and Elizabeth Dana Ellery (1799– 1862), married Francis James Child (1825–96), Harvard’s first professor of English, in 1860. CHILD, FRANCIS JAMES (1825–96), Harvard professor of English and editor of English and Scottish Popular Ballads; his wife, Elizabeth Ellery Sedgwick Child, and their children lived in Cambridge and were family friends of the Jameses. Child was a pallbearer at Sr.’s funeral. CHILD, THEODORE E. (1846–92), English writer and journalist residing in Paris. He edited the Parisian, an “Anglo-American periodical ” to which HJ occasionally contributed (James, Preface xix). CLARK, CHARLOTTE COLTMAN (1851–97), wife of Sir John...


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