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xxi Chronology 31 OCTOBER 1881–1 JANUARY 1883: CANADA, UNITED STATES, IRELAND, ENGLAND, FRANCE 1881 31 October: HJ arrives at 20 Quincy Street, Cambridge. Early November: Macmillan’s Magazine publishes the fourteenth and final installment of The Portrait of a Lady. 9 November: HJ dines with Isabella Stewart Gardner at Gardner’s home. 13 November: HJ lunches with the Gurneys. 14 November: HJ leaves for Newport, Rhode Island. Mid-November: The Atlantic Monthly brings out the fourteenth and final installment of The Portrait of a Lady. 16 November: HJ returns to Cambridge. 22 November: HJ travels to Boston. He breakfasts with Thomas Sergeant Perry. 24 November: HJ travels to Boston. 1 December: HJ travels to New York City. He attends the funeral of his cousin Mary Helen “Nelly” James Grymes. While in New York, he stays with Edwin Lawrence Godkin. 23 December: HJ returns to Cambridge for Christmas. While there, he sees Grace Norton, Charles Eliot Norton, and the Childs. He sees GWJ for the first time in twelve years. 28 December: HJ again travels to New York City. 31 December: Whitelaw Reid hosts a dinner party for HJ. 1882 2 January: HJ leaves New York for Washington DC, stopping first in Philadelphia to pay a short visit to Frances “Fanny” Butler Wister at Butler Place. 5 January: HJ visits Henry and Clover Adams. 7 January: The Adamses host HJ for tea. 9 January: HJ accompanies Clover Adams to a party. Mid-January: HJ continues to socialize often with Henry and Clover Adams. He attends a party at George Robeson’s; xxii Chronology sees former secretary of state James G. Blaine; meets President Chester A. Arthur; sees Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton). 26 January: HJ dines with C. N. de Bildt, Swedish secretary of legation, and afterward attends a ball at the British legation. 27 January: From a letter RJ sent, HJ learns about MWJ’s serious illness. 29 January: AHGJ telegrams HJ, telling him to return to Cambridge due to MWJ’s deteriorating health. Later that evening, MWJ dies. 30 January: HJ travels from Washington DC to New York City, where he learns of MWJ’s death. He sees relatives, including Helen Perkins, Eliza Ripley, Katie Rodgers, and Lily Walsh. That evening, he leaves for Boston. 31 January: HJ arrives in Cambridge. 1 February: After a small ceremony at the James family home, MWJ is interred in a temporary vault in Cambridge. 8 February: HJ moves into rooms at 102 Mount Vernon Street in Boston. Mid-February to mid-March: HJ socializes little but sees Grace Norton often and dines almost daily with Sr. and AJ. He continues to write Daisy Miller: A Comedy and plans to market it to stage managers. AJ and Sr. move out of the family home at 20 Quincy Street and into a smaller home at 131 Mount Vernon Street. 21 March: HJ goes to New York City, where he stays with Edwin Lawrence Godkin. 22 March: HJ is elected to the Athenæum Club in London. Late March: RJ impulsively leaves Cambridge for Faial Island in the Azores. 27 or 28 March: HJ returns to Boston. Early April: After a short stay on Faial, RJ sails to San Miguel (also in the Azores) and then to Lisbon. After much consideration , HJ decides not to travel to the western part of the United States. He begins to plan his trip back to London on 10 May. 10 April: HJ visits the children of Charles Eliot Norton at Shady Hill. 13 April: HJ visits Isabella Stewart Gardner. Mid-April: HJ is briefly ill. 20 April: HJ visits Isabella Stewart Gardner. xxiii Chronology 21 April: HJ visits Julia Ward Howe. 27 April: Ralph Waldo Emerson dies. 30 April: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s funeral is conducted in Concord, Massachusetts; HJ attends after being invited by Emerson’s son, Edward. 1 May: In preparation for his voyage back to London, HJ leaves his rooms at 102 Mount Vernon Street and travels to Newport. 3 May: After traveling to Newport, HJ goes to Boston and stays at the Parker House. 7 May: HJ leaves Boston in anticipation of his voyage to Europe. 8 May: HJ dines at Butler Place, the home of Sarah Butler Wister, in Philadelphia. 10 May: HJ embarks on the Gallia from New York City for Europe. Mid-May: “Alphonse Daudet” (a review of Daudet’s Mon frère et moi: Souvenirs d’enfance et de jeunesse) is published in the Atlantic Monthly. RJ travels from...


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