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xix Symbols and Abbreviations SYMBOLS USED IN THE EDITED LETTERS  indicates the presence of an envelope with the original letter. ◇ represents an illegible character. ▬ represents the cancellation to a sequence of letters, probably a word. !"# at the end of a phrase indicates the end of material inserted interlineally; at the beginning of a phrase it indicates the beginning of material inserted interlineally when James did not write a caret. & is HJ’s sign for an ampersand. REPRESENTS PRINTED LETTERHEAD FAMILY NAME ABBREVIATIONS AHGJ Alice Howe Gibbens James AJ Alice James AK Catharine Walsh (Aunt Kate) GWJ Garth Wilkinson James (Wilky, Wilkie) HJ Henry James MWJ Mary Walsh James RJ Robertson James (Rob, Robby, Robbie, Bob) Sr. Henry James Sr. WJ William James COPY-TEXT FORM ABBREVIATIONS USED AL Autograph letter, not signed ALS Autograph letter, signed APS Autograph postcard, signed MS Photocopy Photocopy of lost manuscript TLC Typed letter copy of lost manuscript ...