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xv Acknowledgments The Center for Henry James Studies at Creighton University, grants from the Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation, Inc., the College of the Liberal Arts and Department of English, Pennsylvania State University , a Fellowship for College Teachers and Independent Scholars from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a Sabbatical Fellowship from the American Philosophical Society, Mellon Fellowships to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, a fellowship from the Bibliographical Society of America, and a Lester J. Cappon Fellowship in Documentary Editing to the Newberry Library in Chicago contributed to this volume. Particular recognition must go to Pierre A. Walker, general editor emeritus , whose work will appear in one way or another in most of the volumes in this edition. Many other individual contributions of time and money helped make this volume possible. In addition to the general editors, associate editor, editorial assistants , editorial board, and advisory group of The Complete Letters of Henry James, many individuals have contributed to this volume and to this edition. Wendy Graham conducted the volume’s review for the MLA’s Committee on Scholarly Editions. Her work helped produce a better book. Joseph Biancalana continues his unprecedented support of the edition. We are most grateful to him. Nathaniel Windon, at The Pennsylvania State University, was instrumental in establishing the letter texts. Very special thanks to Susan Halpert, Emily Walhout, Rachel Howarth, Joseph Zajac, Mary Haegert, Peter Accardo, James Capobianco , Emilie Hardman, and Micah Hoggatt of the Houghton Library, Harvard University, for their excellent assistance and encouragement . We are grateful for the special and ongoing assistance of Patricia Burdick, Maggie Libby, and Erin Rhodes, Special Col- xvi Acknowledgments lections, Colby College, Waterville, Maine. Thanks are in order as well to Richard Virr, acting head and curator of manuscripts, McGill University Library. Sabrina Beauchard of the Massachusetts Historical Society and Sara A. Borden of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania helped with timely assistance. Cherry Dunham Williams helped us to understand the contents of the Gilder manuscript collection , Lilly Library, Indiana University. Thanks to the Brighton and Hove City Libraries for their assistance with Henry James letters at the Hove Library. We are always grateful to Steven H. Jobe and Susan E. Gunter for their Calendar of the Letters of Henry James and a Biographical Register of Henry James’s Correspondents, which helps us and so many others interested in James’s letters. Natasha Vicente da Silveira Costa contributed research time and expertise to this volume during her visit to the Center for Henry James Studies from September to December 2015. Creighton University has been generous in its support of the letters project and the Center for Henry James Studies. Special thanks go to Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, SJ, former president, to Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, current president, and to Edward O’Connor, former provost, Dawn Wilson of the provost’s office, Tina Jones of the Creighton business office, and Bridget Keegan, dean of the Arts College. In addition, Gail Jensen, dean of the Graduate School, and colleagues Gregory S. Bucher, Christina Clark, Robert Dornsife , Jeff Hause, Brooke Kowalke, Brent Spencer, Bob Whipple, and Jackie Masker and Jill Dickey, each in his or her own way, have been generous in support of The Complete Letters of Henry James. Caitlyn Ewers, Natalie Gorup, Tara Knapp, Julie Kraft, Michelle McGauvran , Roz Parr, Patrick Phillips, Kylie Regan, Natalie Roxburgh, and Susanne Stahl provided important support for the project in the Center for Henry James Studies. The University of Nebraska Press continues an unprecedented commitment to The Complete Letters of Henry James. Our thanks go to those at the press with whom we have worked and continue to work. Richard Eckersley, who designed the pages for this edition and whose career as a book designer was long and remarkable, passed away just before the publication of volume 1 of The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1855–1872. We are privileged to have been able to work xvii Acknowledgments with a person of such skill, thoughtfulness, knowledge, experience, and kindness. We remember him through the beauty and elegance of this edition’s design. Our deepest thanks go to Bay James, on behalf of the James family, and to Leslie A. Morris, curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts, and William Stoneman, Florence Fearrington Librarian, in the Harvard College Library, on behalf of the president and fellows of Harvard College, for permission to publish those letters still under copyright . ...


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