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Praise for earlier volumes in The Complete Letters of Henry James series “Rippling through these letters are the first imaginative stirrings of one of the greatest fiction and travel writers in the language. [James] was also one of the most entertaining—and prolific—correspondents. . . . These are richly enthralling letters.”—PETER KEMP, Sunday Times (London) “The textual editing of the letters is fantastically thorough, every blot, deletion, insertion, and misspelling being lucidly presented in the text itself and further described in endnotes to each letter; for the reader this evokes the dash and spontaneity of James’s pen, and for the scholar it clarifies every possible ambiguity caused by that dash. . . . The letters themselves are so vivid, funny, and revealing that [the edition] is already indispensable.”—ALAN HOLLINGHURST, Guardian “The general public has been deprived of James’s full epistolary record until now. . . . All the more reason to celebrate the present volumes, handsomely produced and extensively and intelligently annotated.”—PETER BROOKS, Bookforum “For a snapshot of nineteenth-century Europe—and a sampling of a great novelist’s young mind—there is perhaps nothing better than the latest, meticulously edited volume of The Complete Letters of Henry James [series].”—ALEXANDER THEROUX, Wall Street Journal “These extraordinary, profoundly welcome volumes are the first fruits of an epic undertaking by two heroic American scholars, Pierre Walker and Greg Zacharias. . . . These early volumes give a wonderfully pleasurable picture of a writer at the beginning of his journey, enduring setbacks and barren spells, but already showing the impressive resilience, wisdom, and wit that were the foundations of his astonishing career.”—PHILIP HORNE, Daily Telegraph “Like earlier releases in the ambitious Complete Letters of Henry James series, this richly rewarding compilation is well annotated and scrupulously edited.”—J. J. BENARDETE, Choice “The volumes are beautiful, solidly put together, with big type, wide margins, and copious annotations.”—EDMUND V. WHITE, New York Review of Books “This edition is not just notable for its astonishing ambition, however; even at this early stage, it must also be reckoned a signal achievement. By every measure, the volumes we have so far are simply outstanding in every major respect. . . . The result is an embarrassment of critical and biographical riches.” —BRUCE BAWER, New Criterion “This latest volume of the Complete Letters represents, no less than its forebears, an inestimable contribution to readers hitherto obliged to hunt down James’s Letters in various selections or scattered archives, and deserves to be greeted with the same jubilant chorus of praise and gratitude.”—ALICIA RIX, Times Literary Supplement The Complete Letters of Henry James 1880–1883 VOLUME 2 HJ The Complete Letters of Henry James GENERAL EDITORS Michael Anesko, The Pennsylvania State University; Greg W. Zacharias, Creighton University (Project Director) GENERAL EDITOR EMERITUS Pierre A. Walker, Salem State University TRANSLATION EDITOR Thomas F. Coffey, Creighton University ASSOCIATE EDITOR Katie Sommer EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Andrea Antidormi, Michael Bick, Jennifer Eimers, Caitlyn Ewers, Josi Freire, Sandy Buntemeyer Fyfe, Natalie Gorup, Elizabeth Hopwood, Jamie Jamieson, Krysta Larson, Michelle McGauvran, Tyler Nelson, Roz Parr, Jonathan Plumb, Kylie Regan, Elizabeth Rice, Natalie Roxburgh, Jay Spina, Nathaniel Windon EDITORIAL BOARD Susan Gunter, Westminster College (Salt Lake City); Steven Jobe, Hanover College (Indiana); George Monteiro, Brown University; Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia ADVISORY GROUP Daniel Mark Fogel, University of Vermont; Robert Gale, University of Pittsburgh; Richard Hocks, University of Missouri–Columbia; Philip Horne, University College London; Bay James, Newbury, Massachusetts; Henry James, Dublin, New Hampshire; Fred Kaplan, City University of New York; David McWhirter, Texas A&M University; Lyall H. Powers, University of Michigan; Roberta A. Sheehan, Quincy, Massachusetts; Cheryl Torsney, University of Texas at El Paso; Ruth Bernard Yeazell, Yale University The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1880–1883 VOLUME 2 Henry James Edited by Michael Anesko and Greg W. Zacharias Associate Editor, Katie Sommer University of Nebraska Press Lincoln and London © 2017 by the University of Nebraska Press All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. Set in Janson Text by Tseng Information Systems, Inc. Book designer R. Eckersley. ♾ Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Names: James, Henry, 1843–1916, author. | Anesko, Michael, editor. | Zacharias, Greg W., 1958–, editor. Title: The complete letters of Henry James, 1880–1883 / Henry James; edited by Michael Anesko and Greg W. Zacharias; associate editor Katie Sommer; with an introduction by Susan M. Griffin. Description: Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2016. | Series: Complete letters of Henry James | Includes bibliographical references and index. Identifiers: LCCN 2015042483 (print) | LCCN 2015051042 (ebook) | ISBN 9780803285477 (v. 1...


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