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APPENDIX ONE NIU STEELBAND RECORDINGS NIU Steelband: Calypso, Pop & Classics (1977) Side One “The Happy Wanderer” “Kids Medley” “J. S. Bach: Air from Suite No. 3” “Beatles Medley” “A Trinidad Song” “Matilda” Side Two “Amelia Rosa” “Selections from Jesus Christ Superstar” “Yellow Bird” “Disco Medley” (Silver Custom Crest NIU 81877 LP Album, 1977) Real Steel (1985–1986) Side One 1. “Rock Yuh, Pan Man” (Ray Holman), arr. by Cliff Alexis A ppendix O ne 126 2. “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor” (J. S. Bach), arr. & abr. by US Navy Steel Band 3. “One Note Samba” (Antonio Carlos Jobim), arr. by Joel Fox, Brad Stirtz, vibraphonist Side Two 4. “Kaeiso” (Lennard V. Moses),Andy Narell, soloist 5. “Calypso for Pan” (Cliff Alexis), comp. and arr. for“the little band” by Cliff Alexis 6. “Don’t Back Back” (Slinger Francisco), arr. for Trinidad Catelli Allstars by Smooth Edwards, adap. by Al O’Connor (Self-released, cassette only, 1986. Side one recorded live in concert, February 18, 1986. Side two cut February 17, 1985) NIU Steelband: The 1992 Taiwan Tour (1993) 1. “Say It With Pan” (Cliff Alexis) 2. “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” (J. S. Bach), arr.Al O’Connor (abridged) 3. “I Can’t Wait Another Minute” (High Five), arr. Cliff Alexis 4. “Wood-n-Steel” (Robert Chappell) 5. “Pan Dingolay” (Lord Kitchener), arr. Cliff Alexis 6. “Adagio” (Samuel Barber), arr.Al O’Connor 7. “Confusion” (Cliff Alexis) 8. “Have You Seen Her” (The Chi-Lites), arr. Cliff Alexis 9. “Fire Down Below” (Len“Boogsie” Sharpe) (Recorded at the Taiwan National Concert Hall, March 16, 1992. The Northern Illinois University School of Music, NITT92, 1993) NIU Steelband: Return to Taiwan (1998) 1. “Mind Yuh Business” (Len“Boogsie” Sharpe), arr. Cliff Alexis 2. Four Movements from Water Music (G. F. Handel), arr. James Walker & Al O’Connor 3. “Miss You Like Crazy” (Masser, Goffin and Glass), arr. Cliff Alexis 4. “Variations Basileiras” (Robert Chappell) 5. “Generation Concerto” (Ethan O’Connor) 6. “Setempo” (I. Lins and G. Peranzetta), arr. Cliff Alexis 7. “Misbehave” (Len“Boogsie” Sharpe), arr. Cliff Alexis 8. Medley of Taiwan Folk Songs, arr.Al O’Connor, I.“The Train Song,” II.“White Jasmine Flowers in the Sixth Moon” (Liam Teague, soloist. NITT98, 1998) NIU Steelband: Festival of Voices, 2006 1. Utsav-Ki-Awaz“Festival of Voices” (Jit Samaroo) 2. “Good Times” (Mark Loquan), arr. Cliff Alexis 3. “The Battle is the Lord’s” (Yolanda Adams/Michael McKay), arr. Cliff Alexis 4. “Soledad” (Astor Piazolla), arr. Liam Teague 5. “Cantei Pra Distrair/Cade Ioio” (I sung to pass the time/Where’s Ioio?) (Tio Helio/Cesar Venono) 6. “Chant” (Liam Teague) 7. “Marche Slave” (Tchaikovsky), arr. Liam Teague 8. “Mystery of Pan” (Shelton Besson/Alvin Daniel), arr. Seion Gomez (Recorded at the spring 2006 concert on April 23, 2006) 127 A ppendix O ne NIU Steelband: Dangerous (2014) 1. “Pan in A Minor” (Lord Kitchener), arr. Liam Teague 2. “Song to the Chiricahua” (Cliff Alexis) 3. “Heal the World” (Michael Jackson), arr. Liam Teague 4. “Capriccio Italian” (Tchaikovsky) adap.Abe Breiling 5. “Sakura” (Japanese traditional), arr.Yuko Asada 6. “Dougla” (Liam Teague), dedicated to Jaden Teague-Nunez 7. “Tudo é Festa” (Mario Sergio Sereno), arr. Cliff Alexis 8. “Dangerous” (Mark Loquan/Ken Philmore), arr. Seion Gomez (Recorded at the NIU School of Music 2005–2013. Self-released, 2014) LIAM TEAGUE SOLO RECORDINGS Hands Like Lightning (1993) 1. “Hands Like Lightning” (Liam Teague), arr. Calliston Pantor & Liam Teague 2. “Love Is” (Tonio K & John Keller), arr. Calliston Pantor & Samuel Jack 3. “Mr. Magic” (Liam Teague) 4. “Same Here” (Liam Teague) 5. “Nice” (Liam Teague) 6. “No Woman No Cry” (Bob Marley) 7. “Have I Told You Lately” (Liam Teague) 8. “A Whole New World” (Aladdin’s theme), arr. Liam Teague 9. “A Visit to Hell” (Liam Teague) (Produced by Robin Foster & Calliston Pantor. Engineer Robin Foster. Executive Producer Robert “Sack” Foster & Peter Scoon. Engine Room Recording and Production Ltd., 1993) Emotions of Steel (1996) 1. “Donna Lee” (Charlie Parker) 2. “Night In Tunisia” (Dizzy Gillespie and Frank Paparelli) 3. “Pan Is Meh Jumbie” (Robert Greenidge) 4. “Here’s That Rainy Day” (Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke) 5. “Blue Bossa” (Kenny Dorham) 6. “Green Dolphin Street” (Bronisław Kaper and Ned Washington) 7. “Feels So Good” (Chuck Mangione) 8. “Take A Break Today” (Len“Boogsie” Sharpe) 9. “Oh Yes I Remember Clifford” (Manhattan Transfer) 10.“Summer Song” (Cliff Alexis) 11.“Raindrops” (Liam Teague) (Produced by Ovid Alexis & Robin Foster. Executive Producer Robert“Sack” Foster & Robin Foster. Engine Room Recording and Production...


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