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Marsha MacDowell is Professor of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University and Curator at the Michigan State University Museum. She is also Director of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and Director of the Quilt Index. She has served as president of the American Quilt Study Group, as founding board member of the Alliance for American Quilts, and as executive board member of the American Folklore Society. She has authored many publications on traditional material culture, including ones on quiltmaking in a variety of historical, regional, and cultural contexts. Clare Luz is Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Michigan State University. She is a gerontologist whose research focuses on quality of life for vulnerable older adults, long-term care health services, particularly the direct care workforce, and the intersection of health, creativity, and the arts. She has served on the Michigan Long-Term Supports and Services Advisory Commission, the Michigan Society of Gerontology board, and the National Quality Forum’s Home and Community-Based Care Committee. Beth Donaldson is Digital Humanities Project Asset Coordinator at the Michigan State University Museum and Coordinator of the Quilt Index. She is a quiltmaker and coauthor of Quilts and Human Rights, among other publications on quilts. Fidget Quilt, Beth Donaldson, Lansing, Michigan, 2017. 18" x 24". Collection of Beth Donaldson. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong Fidget quilts are quilts are small quilts with activities stitched into them. They are used to help calm people who are restless or agitated. They have been used by people with Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, ADD or autism. This quilt was made to display in the Arts and Health Tent at the 2017 Great Lakes Folk Festival. The activities included in this quilt are: Frog closure, smooth mirror squares, satin, fur, tassel, Velcro strip, beads on elastic string, zipper pocket with surprise, pony tail holder, pipe cleaner twister, and back pack clasp. ...


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