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| 183 Our goal with this book was to raise awareness of the massive realm of health-related quilts and start to make sense of it. We have introduced one way of organizing and understanding its depth, breadth, meaning, and impact on the multiple facets of good health, well-being, and quality of life for not only the quiltmakers but also the recipients, users, and viewers of their works of art. It is just a beginning. The sheer size and scope of this production of material culture warrants further research. There are countless lines of inquiry left to be explored, such as what gives life meaning, the role of aesthetics in good health, self-promotional behaviors , grassroots financing of health care, and women’s studies. It also demands greater recognition in the health-care field and attention to the many creative ways in which quiltmaking and quilts could be leveraged to deliver better person-centered, holistic care with improved outcomes at lower costs. Finally, if this recognition and potential is better realized, we hope it signals a higher appreciation for the interrelatedness of the arts and humanities and good health. Common themes—or threads if you will—throughout this book have been the critical role that beauty, creative expression, and a sense of worth, belonging, purpose and community can play in achieving optimal health and quality of life. The evidence and testimonies are abundantly clear on this, and we hope that by our sharing such rich findings, your own sense of health and well-being is enriched. Conclusion six} ...


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