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| xvii Many individuals and organizations contributed to the development of this publication , and we are grateful for their interest in and support of this endeavor. First we want to acknowledge individuals who shared images, stories, and information about quilts they made or owned and who led us to stories, reference, artists, funding, and assistance in various stages of research, writing, and production of this publication: Karen Alexander , Karen Albertus, Mona Alderson, Diana Alishouse, Kathleen Athorp, Sally Barker, Joshua Barnes, Dorothy Rocker Batkins, June Belitz, Judy Bell, Debra Bentley, Joann Bentz, Susan Berger, Virginia Berger, Michele Bileu, Lisa Binkley, Sandra Branjord, William J. Brickley, Judy Brown, Dawn Bryde, Lyn Bruner, Bonnie Bus, Betty Busby, Brianna Bushre, Carole Cappriotti, Laurie Ceesay, Shin-hee Chun, Paula Chung, Jackson Cloyd, Wilma Cogliantry, Marion Coleman, Shannon Conley, Nancy Brennan Daniel, Michele David, Jennifer Day, Anne Deaton, Jean M. Degl, Daisy DeHaven, Lynn DeRoche, Ellen Dilorio, Sheila Drevna, Ruth Dukelow, Mary Ann Dunn, Nicole Dunn, Lee Ebs, Jill Ellert, Lisa Ellis, Judy Elsley, Sharron K. Evan, Maria Eyckmans, Margaret Filiatrault, Janet E. Finley, Theadra L. Fleming, Cynthia Fowler, Mary Beth Frezon, Mary Kieras Frazier, Siobhan Furgurson,CarolGebel,JanGagliano,LisaGarlick,BarbGarrett,MaryLouGast,LynneGeary, Troyd Geist, Eileen Gianodis, Karen A. Gibson, Joan Gilliland, Rayna Gillman, Mary Gold, Merton Goode, Lynn Lancaster Gorges, Joyce Graff, Jeanne Graham, Laura Marcus Green, Michael Guilfoil, Kay Guillot, Jessica Haak, Joan Bladl Haar, Katherine Hanson, Eric Hanson, Carole Harris, Karen Harsch, Craig Hartley, Georgia Hayden, Molly Greene Haywood, Janis Helton, Elizabeth Hendricks, Jeanne Henry, Garland Herndon, Gretchen Hill, Joanne Hindman, Judy Howard, Linda J. Huff, Beatrice Hughes, Debora J. Hulbert, Linda J. Hunter, Elma Hurt, Alice Johnson, Donna Johnson, Kathy Kansier, John Kay, Nadine Kelly, Donna Killoran, Judy Kinsey, Amy Kitchener, Suzanne Knox, Pat Kyser, Kathy Lane, Dorothy Ives, Teresa Jennings, Jane Johnson, Dorothy Jones, Bunnie Jordan, Terri Kohlbeck, Linda Kuhlman, Cathy Lamontagne, Sandra Larson, Mary Leadom, Joanne Lester, Pat Lester, Sandy Lindal, Joyce Linn, Cindy Liska, Carolyn Castaneda Little, Patty Livingston, Sylvie Lortie, Doris Lovadina-Lee, Betty MacDowell, Helen Marshall, Suzanne Marshall, Helen Martin, Lauryn Martin, Susan Gray Mason, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Christine Mauersberger, Chris Maynard, Vimala McClure, Lea McComas, Terry McKenney-Person, Diana McLaughlin, Ginny McVickar, Krista Meadows, Cindy Mielock, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xviii | acknowledgments Joyce Montanari, Karen Mowinski, Louise Mueller, Francis Murphy, Linda Murphy, Helen Murrell, Ollie Napesni, Kay Needles, Alden O’Brien, Phyllis O’Connor, Mary Olson, Carol Orme, Amy Orr, Gay Young Ousley, Judy Parlato, Paula Perelstein, Jean Perkins, Emma Petersheim, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Yvonne Porcella, Gayle Pritchard, Patty Prodonovich, Ann Randolph, Sue Reich, Jean Replogle, Amy Rettig, Rhonda Reuter, Bonne Rhoby, JustineRichardson,KarenRips,AnitaRisbridger,JoanRockenbrock,PamelaRoesler,Kathy Rogers, Debbie Rolek, Lori Rorstad, Elaine Ross, Bernie Rowell, Sandy Sanders, Marlene J. Shea, Bobbie Slider, Leona Scharfenberg, Ginny Schaum, Pat Scheid, Linda S. Schmidt, LindaScholten,CarolSchon,SusanSchrott,MarthaSchwab,DawnSees,KarenSmith,Anne Smyers, Gail P. Snow, Carolyn DeFord Solomon, Linda Sophiasworth, Cynthia St. Charles, Candace St. Lawrence, Pearl Spotted Tail, Mary Beth Stalp, Roxie Stark, Aafke Swart Steenhuis, Maxine Stovall, Jerri Stroud, Phyllis Tarrant, Ellen Thomas, Jeannette Thompson, Merrilee Tieche, Ricky Tims, Jeanne Trapani, Anne Triguba, Patricia Anderson Turner, Nettie Uher, Roger Ulrich, Kathleen Van Orsdel, Natalie Van Randwyk, Virginia Vis, Barb Vlack, Raymond Vlasin, Bill Volckening, Sue Walen, Patricia Washburn, Marita Wallace, Kathy Weaver, Terri Westberg, Annette Whims, Ruth A. White, Sandi Wierzbicki, Dee Williams, Samantha Hodge Williams, Claire Wills, Helen Willis, Lisa Wilson, Martha Wolfe, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Margaret Wood, Sherri Lynn Wood, Linda Edkins Wyatt, and Becky Zajac. We are profoundly appreciative of the willingness of the many organizations that shared their collections of images and information. These organizations (and in parentheses the individuals who assisted in sharing resources) include the following: Accuquilt “Have a Heart Make a Quilt,” Agent Orange Quilt of Tears Project (Sheila and Henry Snyder); American Craft Magazine (Chris Mottalini, [Restorative Justice photo]), Angel Quilt Project; Alzheimer ’s Art Quilt Initiative (Ami Simms); American Heart Association, “Go Red For Women,” Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Donna Foley-Hodges); Billings Gazette (Darrell Ehrlick); Black Gold Quilt Patch Guild (Cecile Sigfuson); Block Party Studios Inc. (Jeanne Cloverday); Breslin Cancer Center, Lansing, Michigan (Marie, Clarice, and Lucille, Carol Slomski); Camo Quilt Project (Linda Weck); Capital Health (Lin Swensson); Caring Quilters; Cheyenne VA Medical Center (Carol Carr, Samuel House); Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (Lauren Kingsland); Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church Quilters ; Comfort Quilters (Patricia E. Brown); Concord Piecemakers (Pam Cincotta); Conjeo Valley Quilters (Lynn M. Jurss); Disaster Quilting Project; Forever Warm; Fiber Artists @ Loose...


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