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331 Index Page numbers in italics refer to photographs. Adams, Patreece, 161, 312n22 Africa: fuel-efficient clay cookstoves in, 106; sub-Saharan, ceramic production methods in, 123 African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica: archives of, 175 African Sites Archaeology in the Caribbean, 121 African slaves: on Balenbouche Estate, 113–14, 120; in Barbados, 219, 220; in Guyana, 272, 273; in Jamaica, 173, 175; in North America, 121; in southern Saint Lucia, 113; sugar cultivation and explosive growth in importation of, 109; in Trinidad, 252, 253 Afro-Antiguan pottery, 121 “Afro-Caribbean”: limitations of term, relative to potters, 122 Afro-Caribbean potters: in Trinidad, 253–54, 254 Afro-Caribbean pottery, 120–22; attributes of, 121–22; in Nevis, 137 Afro-Jamaican pottery, 121 Airline industry: souvenir purchases, checked baggage fees, and, 291 Ajoupa Pottery, Trinidad: closing of production line, 271; decorated pot and wood-fired monkey jars, 270; evolution and success of, 269; launching of, 268 Ajoupas (wattle-and-daub thatched-roof buildings), 268–69 Ajoupa style: kay kannawi (or pottery house) made in, 22, 23 Akan peoples: Ghana, 179 Akawaio people: Guyana, 273 Alexander, Lucille, 45 Aloema, Correlly, 128, 129 Aloema, Marlene Lydia, 118, 128 Alphonse, George “Fish”: “Forget Dem Old Ting,” 303 Alphonse, Irena, 19, 36, 38, 45, 60, 72, 92, 94, 119, 298, 300, 301; building a large flowerpot, 77; clay career of, 41–42; commissioned work for Boucan Hotel and Restaurant, Saint Lucia, 295; education and pottery training background of, 41; firing a soda kiln, 43; firing of wood kiln by, 95; large custom-ordered flowerpot constructed by, 4; miniaturized figurative, sculptural forms made by, 63; name collecting in Saint Lucia and, 42; pounding clay, 73; quoted, on her work, 15; reproduction of Carib Indian pot by, 64 Alstons Building Enterprises Limited (ABEL), 268 Aluminum cookware: yabbas replaced by, 182 American Indian: regional designation of, in Anglophone Caribbean, 251 Amerindians, 271–74; in Guyana and Trinidad, 251; influence of, on studio pottery in Guyana, 283–85; reassertion of presence by, in Caribbean, 274 Amharic writings, 200 Amina Craft Market, near Basseterre, Saint Kitts, 168 Anafre (ceramic brazier), 105, 108 Anagama kiln: Japanese-style, of David Pinto, annual firing of, 213 Anderson Ranch Art Center, Colorado, 213 Anderson Ranch International Field Experience, Jamaica: Irena Alphonse assisting with soda kiln firing at, 43 Andries, Cheryl, 279, 280; hands of, 133 Andries, Vivienne, 279, 280 Anglophone Caribbean, 2–3, 133, 146, 176; coalpots in, 80, 104; compressing rim of pot hand action used by all women potters of African descent in, 124; consistent group of functional pottery forms made in, 52–53; gender- and technology-based occupational roles in, 7; heritage ceramics in, 132–33; large St. Lucian community of potters in, 15; monkey jars in, 222, 241; original ceramic heritage of, 271; silence over functional pottery in, 9. See also Caribbean region Annius, Fitts, 60 Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia: heritage artisans and liaison with, 295 Anse Citron (Lime Bay), Saint Lucia, 19 Anthropology: Caribbean, renaissance in, 12 Antigua, 132, 143, 176, 180, 297; African origins of pottery in, 10, 126; characteristics of, shared with Nevis, 135; clay coalpots made in, 104; deforestation of, during plantation period, 164; documented decline of women potters in, 167; early establishment of freehold communities in, 154, 166; emancipation in, 154; evolution of Caribbean clay community and potters in, 170–71; functional clay vessel production in, 154; gender- and technology-based occupational roles in, 7; potters of Sea View Farm in, 152–56; production methods in, 161–66; red slip used by potters in, 186; studio pottery in, 167–69; sugar plantations in, 153; traditional potters in, 3; unglazed functional earthenware pottery from, xxvi; walkaround style vs. African-based methods in, 194; women potters of African descent in, 120; yabba and identifying traditional clay pots in, 178 Antigua and Barbuda: map of, 153; official country name, within two-island state, 135 332 Index Antigua and the Antiguans (Lanaghan), 154 Antilles, Greater and Lesser, 2 “Antilles, The: Fragments of Epic Memory ” (Walcott), 132 Apprenticeship, 6. See also Slaves Arawakan-language speakers, 5 Arawak Indians: historical pottery of, 283 Arawak Lokono people: Guyana, 273 Arawak population: decimation of, in Jamaica, 173 Archaeological and Historical Society, Saint Lucia, 301 Archaeological ceramics: multiple collaborations in study of, 301 Archaeology: Afro-Caribbean pottery, 121–22; Caribbean, renaissance in, 12; colonial pottery kilns, Guadeloupe and Martinique, 113; legacy of Amerindian ceramics on studio pottery in Guyana, 283; Mamiku Estate, Saint Lucia, 110 Archaeology of Black Markets, An (Hauser), xxiii Arecuna people: Guyana...


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