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Contents Introduction: Unlocking SoTL’s Potential for Transformative Education Delores D. Liston and Regina Rahimi xi I. Examining Ethics toward Social Justice 1 Ethics and Social Justice: A Review of Theoretical Frameworks and Pedagogical Considerations Tiffany Chenneville 3 2 Teaching the Ethics of Caring: Using Nursing History to Integrate Race Consciousness into Professional Values Melissa Garno and Carole Bennett 15 II. Focusing on Marginalized Groups in SoTL 3 The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Status of Women Maxine P. Atkinson and Scott T. Grether 35 4 Teachers of Minorities as Agents of Change: A Global Model MaryJo Benton Lee and Diane Kayongo-Male 50 III. Community Service, Activism, and Civic Consciousness 5 Learning as We Go: Risk Taking and Relationship Building through Service Learning in Belize Mary R. Moeller, Lonell Moeller, and Susan L. Filler 77 6 Champions for Health in the Community: Critical Service Learning, Transformative Education, and Community Empowerment Karen Meaney, Jo An M. Zimmermann, Yongmei Lu, Gloria Martinez-Ramos, and Jacquelyn McDonald 98 viii | Contents 7 Teacher Candidates’ Dispositions for Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility: Discernment and Action Patricia Calderwood, Stephanie Burrell Storms, Thomas Grund, Nicole Battaglia, and Emma Sheeran 117 8 Transforming Student Ideas about Community Using Asset-Based Community Development Techniques Lisa Garoutte 143 9 Transforming Awareness into Activism: Teaching Systems and Social Justice in an Interdisciplinary Water Course Cathy Willermet, Anja Mueller, and David Alm 162 IV. Classroom Practices of Reflection and Counternarratives 10 Swinging with a Double-Edged Sword: Using Counterstories to Fight for Social Justice in the Classroom Scott D. Farver and Alyssa Hadley Dunn 177 11 When Walking the Walk Changes the Talk: Using Critical Reflection to Inform Practices of Social Justice Research and Social Justice Sabrina Ross and Alma Stevenson 189 12 Consciousness Raising for Twenty-First-Century Faculty: Using Lessons from Diversity Flashpoints Alejandro Leguizamo and Jennifer Campbell 209 13 “The Way I View the World Has Changed”: Student and Teacher Reflections on Transformative Social Justice Education Annemarie Vaccaro, Athina Chartelain, Sarah D. Croft, Brooke D’Aloisio, Tiffany Hoyt, and Brian Stevens 228 14 Using Attitude Measures and Student Narratives about Diversity to Enhance Multicultural Teaching Effectiveness Robert Lake and Kent Rittschof 241 15 Building Student Self-Awareness of Learning to Enhance Diversity in the Sciences Erin Peters-Burton and Giuseppina Kysar Mattietti 270 Contents | ix V. Applied Classroom Practices and Social Justice 16 Reimagining the Student Evaluation: Using Democratic Frameworks in College Teaching and Learning Phillis George 297 17 Minding the Brain: Three Dimensions of Cognition in Social Justice Curriculum Dan Glisczinski 309 18 Using Applied Learning to Engage with Social Justice: Lessons Learned from an Online Graduate Course in Social Justice James M. DeVita 318 SoTL: Next Steps toward Social Justice Delores D. Liston and Regina Rahimi 328 Index 333 ...


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