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ix Acknowledgments I am deeply grateful to the descendants of Holocaust survivors who so openly and generously shared their life stories with me. From the outset, this project asked a great deal of the participants—children and grandchildren of survivors who in the course of the research relived the pain of their families’ past while revealing their own complicated and multilayered experiences within survivor culture. Throughout the project , the insights and thoughtfulness that the descendants brought to the research setting provided an invaluable intellectual and emotional resource for my own developing interpretations and understanding of traumatic transference. Without their willingness to explore the intergenerational transmission of trauma, this book would not have been possible. I also thank all those who offered encouragement at various and crucial points along the way. Among those to whom I am especially grateful are Shawn Landres, Mary Jo Neitz, Paul Shankman, and Rhys Williams. I am also grateful to Charles Hyman, Betty Jane Jacobs, Linda Loewenstein , and Jonathan Oldham for their help and particular contributions to the project. I remember with deep gratitude Donald Capps, whose mentorship, generosity, and kindness remain a source of inspiration. I thank Stephanie Bonnes, Leith Lombas, and Zachary Owens for their research assistance. I am deeply appreciative of the wise counsel and patience of my editor, Jennifer Hammer, whose advice and guidance were indispensable to the completion of the book. Last, I am indebted to my family for their unfailing support. Thank you especially to my partner, Gary, and to Jamie, Michael, Spencer, and Eric. I am profoundly grateful for Felix, Brecken, Ryan, and River, who remind me always that the past does not have to repeat itself. ...


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