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vii Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 1. Family Narratives and the Social Construction of Descendant Identity 13 2. Ritual and the Emotional Transmission of Holocaust Trauma 41 3. Redefining the Sacred: Spirituality and the Crisis of Masculinity among Children and Grandchildren of Survivors 65 4. The Social Relations of Inherited Trauma: The Meaning of Attachment and Connection in the Lives of Descendants 83 5. Reengaging the Past: Identity, Mourning, and Empathy at Sites of Terror 105 6. Descendants as Holocaust Carriers: Bringing the Past into Public Consciousness 125 Conclusion: The Changing Landscape of Holocaust Remembrance and Future Directions in the Study of Traumatic Inheritance 149 Notes 159 Bibliography 161 Index 173 About the Author 179 ...


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