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About the Author Spur Award winner Patrick Dearen is the author of ten nonfiction books and thirteen novels. Born in Big Spring, Texas, in 1951, he grew up in nearby Sterling City and earned a journalism degree from The University of Texas. In six years as a reporter for two West Texas daily newspapers, he won nine national and state journalism awards. A recognized authority on the Pecos and Devils rivers, Dearen has also produced Bitter Waters: The Struggles of the Pecos River, Crossing Rio Pecos, A Cowboy of the Pecos, and Devils River: Treacherous Twin to the Pecos, 1535-1900. In Lone Star Lost, he explores additional tales of lost treasure in Texas. In The Last of the Old-Time Cowboys and Saddling Up Anyway: The Dangerous Lives of Old-Time Cowboys, Dearen preserves the stories of the last generation of cowhands who plied their trade exclusively on horseback. Dearen’s novels include The Big Drift, which received the 2015 Spur Award of Western Writers of America and Western Fictioneers’ Peacemaker Award. His newest novel, Dead Man’s Boot, is based on the Lost Sublett Mine. Dearen’s other novels include When Cowboys Die (a Spur Award finalist), The Illegal Man, To Hell or the Pecos, and Perseverance, the story of a young man’s journey along the rails in Depression-era Texas. A four-time winner of book awards from West Texas Historical Association, he has also been honored by the Academy of Western Artists, San Antonio Conservation Society, New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, and Permian Historical Society. A wilderness enthusiast and ragtime pianist, Dearen makes his home in Midland, Texas, with his wife Mary and their son Wesley. Photo by Richard Galle. ...


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