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Acknowledgments This project contains an ethnographic component, which was possible thanks to the generosity and patience of my interviewees as well as the practitioners and festivalgoers who took the time to talk to me and show me their work with tarantella and interest in the local festivals: in Campania—Raffaele Inserra, GiuseppeDionisio,UgoMaiorano,AntonioMatrone(‘OLione),MarcelloColasurdo , Pia Vicinanza, Le Ninfe della Tammorra, Raffaella Coppola, Salvatore Raiola,LuigiCoppola,TizianaTorelli,AndreaIozzino;thepractitionersandfestivalpromotersImetwithinMilan —FilippoRennaandAshtiAbdo,Armando Illario and Francesca di Ieso, Rosa Maurelli, Valeria Lista, Armando Soldano, and Antonio Ricci; and on the other side of the Atlantic—Alessandra Belloni, Natalie Marrone, Michela Musolino, Mary Ciuffitelli, and Anabella Lenzu. I also thank Luigi Coppola, Lenny Kaholo, and Lorenzo Rinelli for granting me permission to use their beautiful photos in this book and Giuseppe Laino for his help with Neapolitan-language orthography. Besides these names, whom I explicitly acknowledge in the book, there are several others, since conducting an autoethnographic project also meant the directinvolvementofmyfamilyandfriends,bothinmyhometownofGragnano andinthenorthernItaliancityofMilan,includingEnzoInserra,ChiaraInserra, Mary Bernabei, Mario Giordano, Giovanna Sicignano, Giovanna Somma, Ida Brancaccio, Mariangela Aloe, and Raffaella Malafronte; my mother, who participated in the local festivals in my absence and reported back to me with an- x • Acknowledgments ecdotes and contacts; and of course, nonna Ninuccia and her old-time stories about tammurriata, which accompanied me throughout this experience. As for the book’s scholarly component and critical framework, I am very grateful to folklorists Luisa Del Giudice and Dorothy Noyes for taking the time toreadthebookmanuscriptandforprovidingprecioussupportandadvice.Del Giudice’s seminal work with southern Italian folk music in the United States has helped tremendously in the development of this project. I’malsogratefultofolkloristJosephSciorraforhishelpwithmyresearchand interviews in New York City and elsewhere in the United States; both Joseph Sciorra and Mary Ciuffitelli were valuable sources of information on southern Italian folklore in New York City and beyond. Moreover, scholars Sciorra’s and LauraRuberto’sfeedbackwasessentialinthedevelopmentofthefinalchapter on tarantella within the Italian American context. I am solely responsible for any inaccurate or missing information. Finally,IhavedeepgratitudeformyadviserandfriendfolkloristCristinaBacchilega , who has believed in this project since the beginning and kept pushing untilitwascompleted.Icouldn’thavewishedforabettermentor.Manythanks also to American studies scholar Donatella Izzo and her precious mentoring, which ultimately made possible these transnational encounters. Global Tarantella ...


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