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{ xvii } Every place has an east country, where dawn and dusk come first. This one is in the mid-northern latitudes, neither tropic nor boreal, just a degree to the sunny side of the meridian of zero longitude. Seven to eight thousand years ago, the British Isles were connected by land to the continent, Doggerland, an expanse of wide lagoon and salt marsh, mudflat and inland stream, birch parkland and tunnel valley. Water locked up by the last ice age was released, no one could stop the rising tide, and Britain and Ireland were surrounded by salty seas. At the far east, rivers now flowed into the North Sea. Look at a map, find the semicircle north of England’s capital, London. Or find the low countries on Europe’s western shore, and sail west. There you will find this east country. Every place has one, where big questions are partially hidden, lost in landscape, nature, and words, inside months and seasons too. Slow down, take time, live local, keep your mind deep. Here is one east country. There are many others, where everything is in fact paradise. A GEOGRAPHIC LOCATOR THE EAST COUNTRY ...


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