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xvii The following abbreviations are used frequently in the book. Not all are specifically gay and lesbian left organizations. AAP AIDS Action Pledge AAWO Alliance Against Women’s Oppression ACT NOW AIDS Coalition to Network, Organize, and Win ACT UP AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power AMNLAE Asociación Mujeres Nicaragüenses Luisa Amanda Espinoza (Nicaragua) BAGL Bay Area Gay Liberation BOWU Berkeley-Oakland Women’s Union CEP-SIDA Colectivo de Educación Popular contra el SIDA (Nicaragua) CHF Committee for Homosexual Freedom CISAS Centro de Información y Asesorías en Salud (Nicaragua) CISPES Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador CMJ Citizens for Medical Justice CNE Casa Nicaragüense de Español (Nicaragua) Abbreviations xviii | Abbreviations CHRICA/CHRIA Committee for Health Rights in Central America/ Committee for Health Rights in the Americas FORMICA FAG Fags Organizing to Resist Militarism in Central America—Fight AIDS Group FSLN Frente Sandinista de Liberacíon Nacional (Nicaragua) GALA Gay Latino Alliance GLF Gay Liberation Front GPNR Gay People for the Nicaraguan Revolution GSCR Gays in Solidarity with the Chilean Resistance GWL Gay Women’s Liberation KDP Katipunan ng ma Demokratikong Pilipino (Union of Democratic Filipinos) LAG Livermore Action Group LAGAI Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention LAPV Lesbians Against Police Violence MINSA Ministerio de Salud (Sandinista Ministry of Health, Nicaragua) NAEP Nicaragua AIDS Education Project NIN Non-Intervention in Nicaragua Committee PFOC Prairie Fire Organizing Committee RGMU Revolutionary Gay Men’s Union RPCC Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention (Black Panther Party) RU Revolutionary Union SANOE Stop AIDS Now Or Else SDS Students for a Democratic Society SFPD San Francisco Police Department SFWAR San Francisco Women Against Rape SFWU San Francisco Women’s Union SIR Society for Individual Rights SLA Symbionese Liberation Army TWGC Third World Gay Caucus ...


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