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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Parts of this study have been presented at learned meetings. A draft of Chapter II was read before French Section 1, The Midwest Modem Language Association, Cincinnati, 1968; a summary of Chapter III, before French Section 1, The South Atlantic Modem Language Association, Washington, D. C., 1970; extracts from Chapters I and VIII, before the symposium on baroque lyric poetry at the Third Conference on Seventeenth-Century French Literature, Seattle, 1971. Tvvo portions have already been published. The second chapter appeared, under the title "Toward A New View of Malherbe: Higher, Hidden Order in the First Completed Ode," in Poetic Theory/ Poetic Practice, edited by Robert Scholes (Iowa City: M. M. L. A., 1969); the third chapter, under the title "An Intimation of Cancelled Skies: Myth and Image in Malherbe's Second Completed Ode," in Revue de l'Universite d'Ottawa (JanuaryMarch , 1971). I am obligated to the copyright owners for permission to reprint these materials with revisions. For grants-in-aid which provided leisure necessary to the completion of this study and defrayed the cost of typing the manuscript, I wish to thank the Research Committee of the University of Virginia . I am especially in the debt of Professors Judd D. Hubert, A. H. Pasco, Bruce A. Morrissette, and A. James Arnold, who in conversation or correspondence and by the example of their own critical practice, have stimulated and helped to clarify my own thinking. Finally, I thank my wife Carolyn for her helpfulness and encouragement at every stage of my work. Charlottesville, Virginia April, 1971 D. L. R. ...


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