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PREFACE ix INTRODUCTION xv Richard J. Jensen and David P. Schulz 1. Fannie Lou Hamer on Winona: Trauma, Recovery, Memory 1 Davis W. Houck 2. Theorizing Black Power in Prison: The Writings of George Jackson and Angela Davis 39 Lisa M. Corrigan 3. From Farmworker to Cultural Icon: Cesar Chavez’s Rhetorical Crusade 83 Richard J. Jensen and John C. Hammerback 4. Free Speech at Berkeley, 1964–1967: Mario Savio, Clark Kerr, and Ronald Reagan 119 David Henry and James Arnt Aune 5. Finding Feminism’s Audience: Rhetorical Diversity in Early Second-Wave Feminist Discourse 139 Bonnie J. Dow C ONTENT S 6. Dr. H[omosexual] Anonymous, Gay Liberation Activism, and the American Psychiatric Association, 1963–1973 181 Thomas R. Dunn 7. Making and Unmaking Political Mischief: Trickster Influences in the Rhetorical Humor of the 1960s 221 Mari Boor Tonn 8. People Get Ready: The Civil Rights Movement, Protest Music, and the Rhetoric of Resistance 251 Stephen A. King 9. Extremism in the Defense of Liberty: The Countercultural Rhetoric of Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Acceptance Speech 291 Carl R. Burgchardt BIBLIOGRAPHY 337 ABOUT THE AUTHORS 355 INDEX 359 ...