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. 181 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book would not be possible were it not for the many wonderful people in my life, on both personal and professional levels. Early ruminations of this book began as my dissertation, and I therefore I owe a great debt to my dissertation committee at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and, in particular, my dissertation chair, June Deery. Thanks to James P. Zappen, Nancy Campbell, Nathaniel Freier, and Katherine Isbister for all of their hard work and advice. Jessica Maddox (née Hennenfent), my graduate assistant, was the first editor for most chapters of this book. She provided feedback on more things than I can possibly list. She will be on the job market soon and you should all give her jobs. All of you. Jennifer Malson, my subsequent graduate assistant, was of immeasurable help in creating the index for this book and deserves enormous thanks. Many thanks to Andy Kavoori, who gave me a great amount of advice at the proposal phase of this project. Additional thanks to my colleagues in the Department of Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Georgia. In particular, thanks to James Biddle, Kate Fortmueller, James Hamilton, and Jeffrey P. Jones for their unwavering support. A big thanks to Casey O’Donnell, who gave me feedback on an early version of the introductory chapter and proposal as well as much needed encouragement. T. L. Taylor offered a great deal of advice on my approaches and interviewing in chapter 1 and helped me to find the confidence to take the approach I did. Brooke Erin Duffy gave me substantial feedback on chapter 3. Allison Harvey gave me wonderful advice and helped to guide this book from early stages. Additionally, I would like to give extra thanks to Adrienne Shaw. At the fateful DiGRA 2014 conference 182 . ACKNOWLEDGMENTS in Snowbird, Utah, I had all but given up on writing this book; Adrienne reminded me why this book might still be relevant and important to write. An additional big thanks to Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, and the rest of the ReFiG team. Conferences have provided the conversations and advice necessary to continue to motivate this project. My academic friends on social media have helped in a variety of ways—­ both purposefully and accidentally, through conversations physical and virtual. Of these, I cannot thank Nina Huntemann enough for her support on this project when I needed it the most. Additional thanks to Roger Altizer, Jaime Banks, Kelly Bergstrom , Bridget Blodgett, Paul Jonathan Booth, Kelly Boudreau, Ashley ML Brown (sorry, re: Skea), Florence Chee, Mark Chen, Mia Consalvo, Lauren Cruikshank, Clara Fernandez, Emily Flynn-­Jones, Lindsay Grace, Kishonna Gray-­Denson, Cathy Hannabach, Todd Harper, Mikael Jakobsson (who let me have the title), Carly Kocurek, Nick LaLone, Angela Leone (who reluctantly delved back into KK:H on my behalf), Adrienne Massanari, Christopher A. Paul,Whitney Phillips, Anastasia Salter, Sarah Schoemann, Gillian Smith, Braxton Soderman, and Nicholas Taylor. I have likely left several important people off this list, for which I apologize. I am deeply indebted to friends and colleagues who are knowledgeable of the video game industry and helped to guide my understanding of the processes and constraints of that world. Sheri Graner Ray’s work was highly influential to chapter 1, and her interview was integral to my overall work. I owe her a tremendous thanks for her time and thoughtfulness. An enormous thanks as well to Lisa Brunette, Maria Cipollone, Manuel Correla, Megan Glaser, Brenda Laurel, Nicole Lazzaro, Stephen Marsh, Molly Proffitt, Nicolas Rounds,Tobi Saulnier, and Ian Schreiber, along with the wonderful anonymous interview subjects that informed this project. Thanks to Erin Warholm-­ Wohlenhaus for her editorial assistance and guidance throughout my process with the University of Minnesota Press. I appreciate her patience and enthusiasm. Amber Davisson and Hillary Ann Jones have long been a major part of my support system, as both colleagues and friends. Their friendship began in graduate school and has now spanned several states, jobs, and important life moments. Thank you. Thanks to Eric Newsom for coauthoring my previous book with me. That project, in many ways, made me realize my desire to finish this one. I wonder if the Slender Man will read this fondly, pleased that he is no longer in my sights. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . 183 Rather unexpectedly, my life in Athens, Georgia, has provided me with a wonderful support network of friends, particularly women, over the past few years. While many of them were not directly involved in this...


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