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Contents Acknowl­edgments ix Abbreviations xiii ONE Introduction: The Sovereignty Wars 1 TWO ­ There’s No Place Like Home: Sovereignty, American Style 28 THREE Power and Interdependence: U.S. Sovereignty in the American ­ Century 59 00-3159-7_fm.indd 7 9/11/17 1:09 PM viii Contents FOUR Do as I Say, Not as I Do: American Sovereignty and International Law 97 FIVE ­ Don’t Fence Me In: The Use of Force, Arms Control, and U.S. National Security 142 SIX Stop the World, I Want to Get Off: Globalization and American Sovereignty 172 SEVEN Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Immigration and Border Security 196 EIGHT ­ Don’t Tread on Me: The United States and International Organ­izations 217 NINE Conclusion: American Sovereignty and International Cooperation 252 Notes 265 Index 313 00-3159-7_fm.indd 8 9/11/17 1:09 PM ...


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