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ix ACLU American Civil Liberties Union AFL American Federation of Labor ASU American Student Union, umbrella group formed in 1935 through the amalgamation of the NSL and SLID; the ASU is the more narrow of the two most important youth organizations of the decade in that it included only student groups; led primarily by New York native Joseph Lash; James Wechsler and Molly Yard were also important leaders; headquartered in New York City; published The Student Advocate newsletter, maintained active membership of 20,000 though its Annual Strike Against War mobilized at least 500,000 students or one-half the college population at the time; dissolved in 1941 AYC American Youth Congress, umbrella group formed in 1934; the most important youth organization of the decade; membership of affiliated groups extended to 5 million young people; included broad cross section of youth groups; leaders included Joseph Cadden, William Hinckley, and Jack McMichael; dissolved by 1942 Abbreviations x Abbreviations CCC Civilian Conservation Corps, New Deal program that became a de facto youth program CCNY City College of New York, many youth leaders, including Joseph Lash, hailed from CCNY CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations, labor organization established in 1935, led by John L. Lewis CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union CPUSA Communist Party of the United States of America FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the first major relief program of the New Deal, later replaced by the WPA JCC Junior Chamber of Commerce, a conservative youth organization LID League for Industrial Democracy, an adult socialist organization NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NEC National Executive Committee (of the ASU), democratically elected leaders of the ASU charged with carrying out the ASU program designed by delegates at its annual conferences NSFA National Student Federation of America, a liberal umbrella group founded in 1925, comprising representatives of student governments; 150 schools were members by 1933; the NSFA was a member of the AYC; NSFA leaders were also leaders in the ASU and AYC (Joseph Cadden, for example, served simultaneously as NSFA Secretary and AYC Executive Secretary); important leaders include John A. Lang and Mary Jeanne McKay; disbanded during WWII and succeeded by National Student Association in 1947 NSL National Student League, an autonomous radical student organization whose membership overlapped with the YCL; founded at CCNY in 1931; perhaps 3,000 members at its height before dissolving in order to merge with SLID in 1935 to form the ASU Abbreviations xi NYA National Youth Administration, the primary New Deal youth program, created in 1935 NYU New York University ROTC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps SDD Students in Defense of Democracy, a proRoosevelt group formed in 1941 by Joseph Lash after he withdrew from the ASU and AYC SLID Student League for Industrial Democracy, autonomous socialist youth group that developed originally as the student arm of the LID; members were referred to as SLIDers; dissolved when SLID merged with NSL in 1935 to form the ASU; reactivated in 1946; changed name to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1960 USOE United States Office of Education WPA Works Progress Administration YCAW Youth Committee Against War, an ad hoc committee to coordinate anti-war activities YCL Young Communist League, youth branch of the CPUSA whose members were referred to as YCLers; membership overlapped with NSL; combined YCL/NSL membership was around 5,000 people YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association YPSL Young People’s Socialist League, youth group affiliated with the Socialist Party founded in 1907; members were referred to as Yipsels; in 1930 it had 1500 members in 65 branches (called circles) in 25 cities in 9 states ...


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