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Contents List of Abbreviations ix Introduction 1 PART I Seeing the Problem and Envisioning a Plan 1 The Effects of the Crash: The Youth Problem from New York City to Harlan County, Kentucky, and Back Again 21 2 The Reed Harris Affair: Youth Claim Their Rights and Freedoms at Columbia University and Beyond 40 3 The Scottsboro Boys: Demands for Equality from the Deep South to New York City 61 PART II Implementing a Vision 4 The Popular Front. Strength in Unity: New York City Organizations Come Together in Solidarity 85 5 Playing Politics and Making Policy: Institutionalizing a Vision from New York to Washington 124 6 The Fight Against Fascism: The Spanish Republicans Find Their Support in New York City 163 viii Contents PART III Disillusion and Dissolution 7 Dissolution: World War II Subverts the Zeitgeist and Youth’s Vision for America 191 Conclusion 227 Notes 231 Bibliography 313 Index 319 ...