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109 ...... A Note on Sou rces The New Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Robert Louis Stevenson is in process under the general editorship of Stephen Arata, Richard Dury, Penny Fielding, and Anthony Mandal. This groundbreaking edition will finally offer scholars accurate versions of all of Stevenson’s works, with careful annotations and comprehensive introductory materials. The whole of Stevenson’s essays are not, to my knowledge, available in one convenient, affordable edition. Robert-­ Louis-­ is a valuable resource for locating Stevenson’s works. The essay collections he compiled himself include Virginibus Puerisque (1881), Familiar Studies of Men and Books (1882), Memories and Portraits (1887), and Across the Plains (1892). Most of his other essays, originally published in magazines, have been collected under various organizational principles. A few reliable paperback editions are The Lantern-­ Bearers and Other Essays, chosen by Jeremy Treglown (1988), Claire Harman’s R. L. Stevenson : Essays and Poems (1992), and R. L. Stevenson on Fiction: An Anthology of Literary and Critical Essays, edited by Glenda Norquay (1999). The Complete Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Barry Menikoff (2002) gives you Jekyll and Hyde and nineteen other tales, including The Suicide Club, The Rajah’s Diamond , and The Merry Men. Roslyn Jolly has edited Stevenson’s South Sea Tales for Oxford World’s Classics (2008). Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes and The Amateur Emigrant are available in one paperback, edited by Christopher MacLachlan (2005). There are dozens of editions, many illustrated, of A Child’s Garden of Verses. My source for Stevenson’s poetry is the second edition of Janet Adam Smith’s Collected Poems (1971). Biographies that have received critical praise are Voyage to Windward by J. C. Furnas (1951), Robert Louis Stevenson by James Pope-­ Hennessy (1974), and Dreams of Exile by Ian Bell (1992). I have chiefly consulted Claire Harman’s Myself and the Other Fel- 110 ...... low (2005), as well as Graham Balfour’s two-­ volume The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson (1901). Bradford A. Booth and Ernest Mehew’s eight-­ volume The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson (Yale University Press, 1995) has been indispensable. All letters are from this edition. Robert Louis Stevenson: Interviews and Recollections, edited by Reginald Charles Terry (University of Iowa Press, 1996), is a collection of excerpts from published memoirs of Stevenson. It’s diverting and illuminating reading for Stevensonians, as is John Alexander Hammerton’s Stevensoniana (Grant Richards, 1903). Paul Maixner ’s Robert Louis Stevenson: The Critical Heritage (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981) is a substantive source for understanding how Stevenson was read and reviewed by his contemporaries. ...


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