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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We teach more by what we are than by what we teach. WILL DURANT Whenever we talk about writing centers, we almost always refer to the community of writing centers, indicative of the close-knit ties among those who direct and staff these campus units. The community concept is especially important since, as writing center directors typically remark, "there is only one of us on any campus.” Thus, reaching out, listening to others, and asking for advice are common, as are conference reunions over breakfast. Both of us have benefitted from the generosity and expertise of our colleagues over the years, which have contributed to our own professional development. While neither one of us was attending conferences as early as Muriel Harris was in the 1970s, she, in particular, has been our most faithful supporter, sharer of knowledge, and role model. Mickey hosted the Writing Centers Association conference in Purdue in 1984, the event that was to result in the formation of the NCTE-sanctioned National Writing Centers Association, an organization that has been a mooring to both of us. To say that she has enriched our professional and personal lives would be an understatement. For us, Mickey is the very model of a writing center director, aptly named “exemplar” by the CCCC Awards Committee in 2000. Other colleagues have been instrumental as well, especially through the NWCA (re-named International Writing Centers Association) meetings and conferences: Pamela Farrell Childers, Mildred Steele, Bonnie Sunstein, Jay Jacoby, Harvey Kail, Nancy Grimm, Byron Stay, Eric Hobson, Jon Olson, Paula Gillespie, Leigh Ryan, Brad Hughes, and others far too numerous to name. For this manuscript, we called on Marina Hall for assistance with editing . Likewise, we are grateful to the reviewers of the volume who offered advice on revisions. Michael Spooner, Director of the Utah State University Press, is a stellar editor, colleague, and friend. We would also Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page ix like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Janice Neuleib, Joan Mullin, Julie Neff-Lippman, Irene Lurkis Clark, Jeanette Harris, Lady Falls Brown, Lori Baker, Ed Lotto, Barry Maid, Jeanne Simpson, Stephen Adkison, and Margaret Johnson for their support of this project from its earliest stages. At our own campuses, we wish to thank the following. For Joyce at Utah State University: Andrea Peterson, Director of the Writing Center; Jeffrey Smitten, Head of English; Stan L. Albrecht, Executive Vice President and Provost; and Laura Marks, also of the Provost’s office. For Michael at Georgia Southern University: Larry Burton, Chair of the Writing and Linguistics Department; Bettye Stewart in the University Writing Center; and Janice Walker, Suellynn Duffey, and Angela Crow— great associates all. We offer this book to the writing center community as a tribute to our exemplary colleague, Mickey Harris. October, 2003 Statesboro, Georgia Logan, Utah Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page x Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page xi Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page xii ...