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CONTENTS Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Benchmarks in Writing Center Scholarship 1 Michael A. Pemberton and Joyce Kinkead 1 The Writing Lab Newsletter as History: Tracing the Growth of a Scholarly Community 21 Michael A. Pemberton 2 In the Spirit of Service: Making Writing Center Research a “Featured Character” 41 Nancy M. Grimm 3 Writing Center Assessment: Searching for the “Proof" of Our Effectiveness 58 Neal Lerner 4 Separation, Initiation and Return: Tutor Training Manuals and Writing Center Lore 74 Harvey Kail 5 Power and Authority in Peer Tutoring 96 Peter Carino 6 Breathing Lessons, or Collaboration Is 114 Michele Eodice 7 (RE)shaping the Profession: Graduate Courses in Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Administration 130 Rebecca Jackson, Carrie Leverenz, Joe Law 8 Administration across the Curriculum: Or Practicing What We Preach 151 Josephine A. Koster 9 An Ideal Writing Center: Re-Imagining Space and Design 166 Leslie Hadfield, Joyce Kinkead, Tom Peterson, Stephanie H. Ray, and Sarah S. Preston 10 Mentoring in Electronic Spaces: Using Resources to Sustain Relationships 177 James A. Inman and Donna N. Sewell Notes 190 References 197 Index 211 Contributors 217 Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page vii Center will hold final 8/26/03 9:23 AM Page viii ...