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xix Chronology 1872 Establishment of Yellowstone National Park, Montana. 1891 Establishment of the Trustees of Public Reservations, Massachusetts. 1905 Establishment of USDA Forest Service. 1914 Establishment of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois. 1915 Founding of the Ecological Society of America. 1916 George Fell is born in Elgin, Illinois. 1920 Barbara Garst is born in Coon Rapids, Iowa. 1921 Friends of Our Native Landscape publishes Proposed Park Areas in the State of Illinois. 1924 Designation of the first National Wilderness Area in Gila National Forest. 1938 Fell graduates with a BS in botany from the University of Illinois. 1940 Fell graduates with an MS in wildlife management from the University of Michigan. 1940–45 Fell serves as a conscript in a series of Civilian Public Service camps. 1946 Founding of the Ecologists’ Union, a splinter group of the Ecological Society of America. 1948 George Fell and Barbara Garst marry. The Illinois State Academy of Science first endorses Fell’s idea of a state-sponsored means to protect natural areas too small for inclusion in the state park system. Fell is appointed to the Illinois subcommittee of the Ecologists’ Union. Passage of Federal Water Pollution Control Act. 1949 Fell is elected vice president of the Ecologists’ Union and urges it to establish or transform into an active land protection organization. 1951 The Ecologists’ Union is incorporated as The Nature Conservancy. 1951–53 Fell serves as vice president of The Nature Conservancy. 1953–58 Fell serves as executive director of The Nature Conservancy. 1955 The Nature Conservancy achieves its first land conservation project—Mianus River Gorge Preserve, Bedford, New York. xx Chronology 1958 The Fells leave The Nature Conservancy and return to Rockford, Illinois. Fell establishes the Natural Land Institute and serves as its executive director into the last year of his life. 1960–62 Fell serves as secretary of the Illinois chapter of The Nature Conservancy. 1961 The first Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act is vetoed. 1963 An alternate Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act is signed into law. 1964 Passage of National Wilderness Act. 1964–70 Fell serves as secretary of the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission. 1970–82 Fell serves as executive secretary of the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission. 1972 Designation of the George B. Fell Nature Preserve. Federal Water Pollution Control Act, commonly known as the Clean Water Act, is amended. 1973 Passage of the Clean Air Act. 1979 Founding of the Natural Areas Association. 1979–90 Fell serves as secretary and executive financial officer of the Natural Areas Association. 1994 250th Illinois Nature Preserve is designated. George Fell dies. 2015 Barbara Fell dies. Force of Nature ...


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