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Contents Introduction 1 1 Heaven and Hell Parties 17 Southern Religion and the Devil’s Music 2 Sold It to the Devil 74 The Great Migration, Lost Generations, and the Perils of the Urban Dance Hall 3 I’m Going to Marry the Devil’s Daughter 107 Blues Tricksters Signifying on Jim Crow 4 The Devil’s Gonna Get You 154 Blues Romance and the Paradoxes of Black Freedom 5 Selling It at the Crossroads 193 The Lives and Legacies of Robert Johnson I Playing for the Haints: Ike’s Protégé and Crossroads Folklore 197 II I Got a Big White Fella from Memphis Made a Deal with Me: Black Men, White Boys, and the Anxieties of Blues Postmodernity in Walter Hill’s Crossroads 231 III Local and Private Legislation: Branding the Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi 255 Conclusion 304 Acknowledgments 323 Appendix  Devil-­ Blues Recordings and Selected Sermons, 1924–2015 327 Notes 337 Bibliography 363 Song Credits 389 Index 391 This page intentionally left blank ...