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CONTENTS Contents ix foreword LeAnne Howe xv introduction Becca Gercken xxv pan-tribal nationalist fantasy Scott Andrews xxvii columbus day 2092 Scott Andrews 1 Raised Stakes: Writing on/and the New Game of Chance Becca Gercken 23 An Interview with Jim Denomie Heid E. Erdrich 33 The Noble Savage as Entrepreneur: Indian Gaming Success Julie Pelletier 57 (Re)Imagining First Nations Casinos: A Necessary Response to Ensure Economic Development Yale D. Belanger 85 Casinos, Culture, and Cash: How Gambling Has Afffected Minnesota Tribal Nations Caroline Laurent 111 “It’s a Question of Fairness”: Fee-to-Trust and Opposition to Haudenosaunee Land Rights and Economic Development Meghan Y. McCune 135 Masking Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin: Uncovering Cultural Representation at Casino Rama Darrel Manitowabi 159 about the contributors ...