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435 Glossary of Selected Allied Code Names BOLERO Buildup of US forces before D-­ Day CHROMITE UN forces counterattack at Inchon, South Korea, on 15 September 1950 COBRA Breakout from Normandy, on 25 July 1944 CONQUER Ninth Army headquarters DRAGOON/ANVIL Invasion of southern France, on 15 August 1944 EAGLE 12th Army Group headquarters FORTITUDE Deception plan to concentrate Army Group B at Calais GOODWOOD 21st Army Group breakout attempt at Caen, on 18 July 1944 GRENADE Ninth Army crossing of the Roer River supporting VERITABLE, on 9 February 1945 LION 21st Army Group headquarters LUCKY Third Army headquarters LUMBERJACK First Army attack toward the Rhine, on 1 March 1945 MARKET GARDEN 21st Army Group offensive to capture bridges over the Rhine, on 17 September 1944 MASTER First Army headquarters NEPTUNE Landings on the Normandy beaches, 6 June – 30 June 1944 436 Glossary of Selected Allied Code Names OVERLORD The invasion and lodgment battle in France PLUNDER 21st Army Group Rhine-­ crossing operation in March 1945 POINTBLANK Strategic bombing campaign against the Third Reich ROUNDUP Emergency occupation of France in the event of a Nazi collapse SHELLBURST SHAEF forward headquarters in France TORCH Invasion of French North Africa, on 7 November 1942 ULTRA Intelligence based on Allied decryption of German high-­ grade radio traffic VARSITY Airborne operation supporting PLUNDER, on 24 March 1945 VERITABLE 21st Army Group attack in the Lower Rhineland, on 8 February 1945 ...


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