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xxi Chronology 1893 Feb. 12 Born in Clark, MO 1910 June Graduated from Moberly High School, Moberly, MO 1911 Aug. 1 Entered US Military Academy, West Point, NY 1915 June 12 Graduated from West Point (Collum #5356), second lieutenant, Troop duty, 14th Infantry Regiment, Ft. Wright, WA, and Mexican border 1916 Oct. 13 Promoted to first lieutenant Dec. 28 Married Mary Quayle (1892–1965) 1917 Aug. 22 Promoted to captain 1918 Feb. Son is stillborn July 27 Promoted to temporary major 1919 Sept. ROTC instructor, So. Dakota State College, Brookings, SD 1920 Sept. Mathematics instructor, West Point Nov. 19 Promoted to permanent major 1922 Nov. 4 Postwar reversion to permanent captain 1923 Dec. 23 Daughter Elizabeth (Lee) born at West Point 1924 Sept. Student, Advanced Course, Infantry School, Ft. Benning, GA 1925 June Troop duty, 19th and 27th Infantry Regiments, Honolulu, HI xxii Chronology 1928 Sept. Student, Command and General Staff School, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 1929 July 1 Instructor, Infantry School, Ft. Benning, GA 1933 June Student, Army War College, Carlisle, PA 1934 Sept. Instructor, tactical officer, West Point 1936 July 22 Promoted to lieutenant colonel 1938 June 1 Chief, Operations Branch, G-­ 1, War Department General Staff, Washington, DC, and assistant secretary 1941 Feb. 24 Promoted to temporary brigadier general Mar. 7 Commandant, Infantry School, Ft. Benning Dec. Commanding General, 82nd Infantry Division, Camp Claiborne, LA 1942 Feb. 18 Promoted to temporary major general June Commanding general, 28th Infantry Division, Camp Livingston, LA, and Camp Gordon Johnson, FL 1943 Feb. 24 Arrived in Algeria as Ike’s liaison officer Mar. 6 Deputy commander, II Corps Tunisia, Africa Apr. 15 Commanding general, II Corps May 13 Victory in Tunisia June 2 Promoted to temporary lieutenant general July 10 Commander, II Corps in the Invasion of Sicily Oct. 19 Commander, First US Army Group (FUSAG), London and Bristol, UK 1944 Jan. 1 Commander, First US Army (FUSA) Jun. 6 Commander, American ground forces on D-­ Day July 14 HQ, FUSAG becomes HQ, US 12th Army Group July 25 Operation COBRA Aug. 1 Commanding general, US 12th Army Group, European Theater of Operations Sept. 16 Promoted to permanent major general Dec. 16 German counterattack in the Ardennes Forest 1945 Jan. 25 End of the Battle of the Bulge Mar. 29 Promoted to temporary general Chronology xxiii Apr. 1 The Rose Pocket closed by US First and Ninth Armies May 8 VE Day Aug. 15 Administrator, Veterans Administration, Washington, DC 1948 Feb. 7 Appointed chief of staff, US Army 1949 Jan. 31 Promoted to permanent general Aug. 16 Appointed chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 1950 June 25 Korean War begins Sept. 15 Operation CHROMITE, landing at Inchon Sept. 22 Promoted to general of the army Nov. 25 Chinese communist forces attack Eighth Army 1951 Apr. 11 General Douglas MacArthur relieved of command 1953 July 27 Korean War armistice Aug. 16 Retired from active duty 1965 Dec. 1 Mary Quayle Bradley died of leukemia 1966 Sept. 12 Married Ester Dora “Kitty” Buhler (1922–2004) 1967 Nov. 14 Look Magazine article on visit to Vietnam 1970 Apr. 2 Movie Patton released 1977 Jan. 10 Awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom 1981 Apr. 8 Died of brain clot at 21 Club, Manhattan Principal US Military Decorations Defense Distinguished Service Medal Army Distinguished Service Medal (with three oak leaf clusters) Navy Distinguished Service Medal Silver Star Legion of Merit (with oak leaf cluster) Bronze Star ...


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