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xvii Abbreviations ACM ­ Air Chief Marshal AEAF ­ Allied Expeditionary Air Force AEF ­ American Expeditionary Forces AFHQ ­ Allied Force Headquarters AGL A General’s Life, second volume of memoirs written by Omar Bradley AHEC US Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC), Carlisle, PA B-­ 17 ­ Most famous US WWII 4-­ engine bomber B-­ 24 ­ Most produced US WWII 4-­ engine bomber B-­ 36 First heavy bomber for nuclear warfare BAR ­ Browning Automatic Rifle BEF ­ British Expeditionary Forces CCA ­ Combat Command A CCB ­ Combat Command B CCR ­ Combat Command Reserve CGSC ­ US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas CGSS ­ (obsolete term for CGSC) US Army Command and General Staff School, Leavenworth, Kansas CMH ­ US Army Center of Military History, Washington, DC xviii Abbreviations CMTC ­ Citizens’ Military Training Camps COM Z Communications Zone, formerly Services of Supply CP command post DD tanks Duplex Drive amphibious, swimming tanks DFC Distinguished Flying Cross, a military decoration of the United Kingdom DSM Distinguished Service Medal, a military decoration of the United States DSO Distinguished Service Order, a military decoration of the United Kingdom DUI distinctive unit insignia DUKW a six-­ wheel-­ drive amphibious truck ETO European Theater of Operations ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, US Army FM Field Marshal FUSA First US Army FUSAG First US Army Group GCMF George C. Marshall Foundation, Lexington, VA GCMRL George C. Marshall Research Library HQ headquarters IMDb Internet Movie Database IWM Imperial War Museum, London, England LCI Landing Craft, Infantry LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized LCT Landing Craft, Tank LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel LOC Library of Congress, Washington, DC LST Landing Ship, Tank M4 Sherman American medium tank M5 Stuart American light tank MBE Member of the British Empire, a military decoration of the United Kingdom MPs Military Police MTOUSA Mediterranean Theater of Operations, US Army Abbreviations xix NBC National Broadcast Company NHHC Naval History and Heritage Command NSC ­ National Security Council OB West Oberkommando West, Main headquarters of the German Army in France OCS ­ Officer Candidate School OKW ­ OberKommando Wehrmacht, Main German Headquarters ORS ­ Operational Research Section PAO ­ Public Affairs Officer PME ­ professional military education POW Prisoner of War PRO ­ Public Relations Office R. Adm. ­ Rear Admiral RAF ­ Royal Air Force ROTC ­ Reserve Officers’ Training Corps SHAEF ­ Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force SOV Soviet SS ­ German Schutzstaffel, literally “Protection Squads.” Nazi Party paramilitary units, including the Waffen-­ SS, organized as battlefield military units TAC ­ Designation of Forward Headquarters of British and American units TD ­ Territorial Decoration, a military service medal of the United Kingdom. USAHEC ­ US Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA USMA ­ US Military Academy USN ­ US Navy USSTAFE ­ US Strategic Air Forces in Europe VE Day ­ Victory in Europe Day, 8 May 1945 VJ Day ­ Victory over Japan Day, 14 August 1945 WPDC West Point Digital Collections WPSC ­ West Point Special Collections ...


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