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Contents Section I The Mirror Diary 3 In the Bamboo Grove: Some Notes on the Poetic Line 16 Sea and Scholarship: Confessional Narrative in Charles Olson’s “Maximus, to himself” 30 On Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass 44 The Academy Reading Series Featured Poet: R. S. Thomas 48 From “A Poet’s Notebook” 54 The Activity of the Poet 61 Section II Ministry: Homage to Kīlauea81 A Man on a Child’s Swing: Contemporary Japanese Poetry 91 Review of Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei by David Mura 96 Homage to Lost Worlds: Where I Write, Why I Write There 102 Working for the DWP 105 In the Charles Wright Museum 107 Section III Introduction to Under Western Eyes: Culture Wars in Asian America 131 Gardens We Have Left 166 HR 442: Redress 172 Hope Alive: Writers at the Unconvention 183 Lost in Place: Longing for the Brave New World of L.A. 190 America Singing: An Address to the Newly Arrived Peoples 198 ...


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