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Notes on the Authors Alpkan Birelma is a lecturer at the Ozyegin University, Istanbul. His studies focus on labor, labor movements, and social policy in Turkey. He also volunteers for an independent union of textile workers. Emma Braden is a rank-and-file labor activist, artist, and recent graduate with a BA in cultural anthropology. When she is not organizing her workplace, she is screenprinting in her basement or painting murals with youth that focus on themes of race, gender, collective action, and community.. Maria Eugenia de la O is professor at the Center for Research and Studies in Social Anthropology in Guadalajara, Mexico. She specializes in international migration, globalization , sociology of work and occupations in Mexico, US-Mexican borderland studies, gender, and export processing work experience in Mexico. E. Paul Durrenberger is professor emeritus of anthropology from the University of Iowa and Penn State University. He is an economic anthropologist whose five decades of fieldwork have included peasants in Thailand, fishers in Iceland, and fishers, farmers, and union workers in the United States. 354 Notes on the Authors Christopher Kelley is currently completing his PhD research in anthropology at the University of Zurich on organized labor in the Swiss construction industry. He has worked as an organizer in healthcare and construction and is currently in the national construction department of Unia, the largest labor union in Switzerland. Staffan Löfving is an associate professor of social anthropology and researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Stockholm University. He is currently engaged in an ethnographic study of his childhood hometown, Trollhättan, in Sweden. Gadi Nissim is a lecturer in the Behavioral Science Department at Ruppin Academic Center in Israel. His studies focus on the current demise and future prospects of the Histadrut, the largest union in Israel. Darcy Pan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University, Sweden. Steven Payne has a master’s degree from the University of Memphis Applied Anthropology Program. He is currently a union organizer in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Alicia Reigada is a professor of social anthropology at the University of Seville (Spain) and member of the GEISA Research Group. Her studies focus on agrifood global chains, social organization of labor, class, migrations, and gender relationships. She has participated in several international networks and projects centered on a compared analysis between the Mediterranean and the Latin American intensive agriculture. Julia Soul is an anthropologist and researcher at the National Scientific Research Council (CONICET) at the Labor Studies Center (CEIL). She is a member of the Labor Studies Workshop, a nonprofit organization that provides training and research resources to workers, delegates, and union activists. Manos Spyridakis is an associate professor of anthropology of labor at the University of Peloponnese, Greece, in the Department of Social and Educational Policy. Christian Zlolniski is director of the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) and associate professor of anthropology at the University of Texas at Arlington. His research focuses on economic globalization and immigrant labor, with a regional emphasis on the US Southwest and Mexico. ...


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